"He needs to go": Fans slam Daniel Durston after his massive outburst on Taylor Hale on Big Brother Season 24 Episode 9

Fans criticize Daniel for his behavior with Taylor (Image via Instagram/thetaylormack,danieldurston)
Fans criticize Daniel for his behavior with Taylor (Image via Instagram/thetaylormack,danieldurston)

Big Brother Season 24 aired a dramatic episode on Wednesday, July 27, that left viewers speechless and looking for answers. While they witnessed houseguests competing for Power of Veto (PoV), Daniel's outburst at Taylor prior to the game invoked a series of criticisms from fans. The audience felt that the hate towards fan-favorite contestant Taylor Hale had stooped to a new low.

On this week's episode of Big Brother Season 24, Nicole's plan to put herself and Festie Bestie partner Taylor on the chopping block didn't work out well. When the former had a breakdown, the houseguests believed that it had to do something with her mother's cancer treatment. Taylor empathized with her and asked her to step out of the competition if it was getting harder.

However, this was taken out of context when Nicole thought Taylor was plotting against her and ratted it out to alliance member Daniel who then blamed Taylor for evicting Paloma and playing mind games with Nicole.

Fans slammed Daniel for his unruly behavior. One tweeted:

Daniel bullying and berating a female on Big Brother is so wrong. He accusing Taylor of causing Paloma to leave was disgusting. He needs to go! win. @CBSBigBrother #BB24 #bigbrother #bigbrother24 #cbs #VoteDanielOutBB24

Why did Taylor Hale come in Daniel's line of fire in the latest episode of Big Brother?

#BBAmeerah has an agenda this week…👀 #BB24

Since the premiere episode of Season 24 of Big Brother, the show as well as the houseguests have been criticized by viewers for casting Taylor Hale in a poor light. Former contestant Paloma Aguilar constantly targeted Taylor and made the latter feel like an outsider in the house. She also demeaned Taylor by calling her a "pageant girl" and a "seductress of the guys."

However, Paloma self-evicted herself the following week, citing mental health reasons. This week, Daniel took the conflict one step further when he had a massive outburst regarding Taylor following what fellow alliance member Nicole told him. He came to the realization that his alliance with Paloma hadn't worked well, so when Nicole blamed Taylor for plotting against her, he slammed Taylor in front of all the cast members.


After Nicole revealed that Taylor asked her to relieve herself from Big Brother, Daniel accused Taylor of playing mind games with Nicole when all that Taylor had done was presented a suggestion in keeping with Nicole's mental health.

While sitting with Nicole, Daniel asked Taylor not to speak with him. He said:

"Taylor, just stop. From this point on, just stop. With your fake bulls**t. Don't speak to me until finale. The same thing you did to Paloma, you're trying to do to her [Nicole]? You can f**k right off. You don't think America's watching all this? You don't think so? From here on out, do not speak to me."

At first, Taylor thought it was a joke. However, she soon realized that Daniel was serious about his claims. When she attempted to talk it out with him, he continued to blame her for plotting against Nicole. He said:

"I will never forget what you did to Paloma. You think she didn't spiral because of you? You didn't add to that? And now you're trying to do it to Nicole? Mind games? Do not speak to Nicole like that, ever again."

Fans call out Daniel for his unfair treatment of Taylor

Viewers witnessed Big Brother fan-favorite Taylor break down in a confessional yet again. Netizens then accused Daniel of bullying Taylor and placing unfounded blame on her for Paloma's health issues.

No Daniel. What America is watching is the blatant racism and isolation towards Taylor in this house since day 1. #bigbrother #bb24
My jaw just DROPPED!! Taylor is concerned for another player and Daniel doesn’t like her for trying to help? What is happening? @CBSBigBrother #BB24 #bigbrother #bigbrother24 #cbs
Daniel should be removed from the house for that behavior... Taylor should be concerned about her health and safety. #BigBrother #BigBrother24
Nicole & Daniel, I really hope you feel terrible for how you have treated Taylor. Also disappointed that nobody in the house stuck up for her. #TeamTaylor all the way!!! #BigBrother #bigbrother24
Well that was one of the most disturbing displays of bullying and gaslighting I’ve ever seen on #bigbrother #bb24 Also, didn’t the Nicole/Daniel crap happen AFTER veto and the formation of the #Leftovers??
Wait until Daniel finds out he was trending worldwide, and it wasn't because we all like him Won't ever let him see the light of day on social media again. If he can treat someone the way he does with no shame, we can do the same. Karma is a bitch.#BB24 #BigBrother
I just know what Daniel said to Taylor was wayy worse then what the edit makes it seem. The producers cut the live feeds while Daniel was cursing out Taylor. I’m FURIOUS! #bb24 #bigbrother
I think Daniel needs to listen to his own advice … America IS watching & you jumping down Taylor’s throat without having witnessed the conversation to understand the context of her words just makes him look bad. #BB24 #BigBrother
I pray to God that Daniel and Nicole go home! When they sit back and watch their actions and the fact that Taylor was praying for Nicole’s mom, I hope they feel extremely bad for how they acted and how STUPID they look! #bigbrother
Daniel was verbally abusive towards Taylor. This season has some messy racist folks. They are playing attack the Black girl. She didn't deserve that shit. #BigBrother
Honestly I’m not Taylor’s biggest fan, but the way she was treated tonight by Daniel and Nicole was so unacceptable. I need those 2 out of the house asap. Love this new alliance that’s forming taking down the big dogs. 😈 #BigBrother
Daniel blaming Taylor for Paloma's issues... trash. #BB24 #BigBrother
Completely unacceptable the way #Daniel acted and spoke to #Taylor. And I am completely disappointed in the way #Nicole reacted toward her as well. This hate against Taylor needs to stop. She has been nothing but genuine toward them since day one. #BigBrother24 #BB24 #BigBrother

Big Brother Season 24 has seen the underdogs wake up. A new alliance by the name "Pound" was formed by Kyle, Monte, Michael, Brittany, Taylor, Turner, and Joseph, which means that Ameerah, Daniel and Nicole are certainly on the radar for plotting against Taylor. Viewers will have to tune in to the eviction night to see how it pans out for the players.

Don't forget to tune in to Big Brother on Thursday, July 28, 2022 at 9 pm ET on CBS.

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