"He should just self-evict": Fans suggest Daniel's self-eviction after a historic blindside leads to Nicole's eviction from Big Brother

Fans ask Daniel to self-evict himself after Nicole's elimination on Big Brother (Image via Instagram/danieldurston,ibbinsider)
Fans ask Daniel to self-evict himself after Nicole's elimination on Big Brother (Image via Instagram/danieldurston,ibbinsider)

Big Brother Season 24 witnessed another historic blindside on Thursday, August 4, 2022, at 9.00 pm ET on CBS. The Leftovers Alliance put their powerplay into action and strategized on backdooring Nicole, and although their plans stumbled a bit, they emerged victorious after Nicole was sent packing home with a 9-1 vote against her on this week's episode.

However, now that Nicole is gone, her only ally Daniel was left alone to fight in the game. After the eviction, he was seen going through multiple emotions as he thought of leaving the game as there was no point in playing anymore, considering he didn't have any support left.

Meanwhile, fans rejoiced at Nicole's elimination and suggested that Daniel self-evict himself. One fan tweeted:

Daniel is whining like a big ole baby! Like he wasn’t trying to do the same thing to Taylor. He should just self evict since he doesn’t want to play the game anymore.#bb24

Since the premiere of Big Brother Season 24, Daniel and Nicole have been entirely against Taylor and have plotted to evict her multiple times. In the later episodes, Daniel had a massive outburst toward Taylor, blaming her for Paloma's exit and mental health issues. However, the Leftover Alliance was formed after the incident and managed to evict Ameerah and now Nicole.

Fans react to Big Brother contestant Daniel's emotions after witnessing Nicole's eviction

After his only strong ally Nicole's eviction, Daniel looked disappointed as he didn't see the point of playing the game anymore. He confessed that he wanted to exit and meet Nicole in Los Angeles.

While fans celebrated Nicole's exit, they also requested that Daniel self-evict himself, just like former contestant Paloma Aguilar.

Daniel is throwing his own pity party after the eviction. It’s sad that he doesn’t get along with anyone and is complaining about having to stay in the house with “these people”. He could do everyone a big favor and self evict. #bb24 #BigBrother
Daniel self evict challenge. #BB24
Nicole got evicted and daniel is about to self evict we won y’all 🤣 #bb24 #NicoleEvictionParty
Daniel knows he can go home right? Self evict baby. End your season rn and save us all the mess and anger that is your personality and gameplay #bb24
Daniel is legit about to self-evict over this. #BB24
Quick! Somebody give Daniel a plane ticket to self evict! #bb24
Daniel- “I gotta live with these people. The season can just end already.”Well you’re free to self- evict like Paloma did you pompous jerk. Trying to act mad when he’s really nervous. #SeeYa #BB24
Daniel , you could just do us a favor and self evict yourself #BB24
I have a feeling Daniel’s going to lose it to people again and either self evict or be thrown out. He’s a loose cannon and people already uncomfortable and anxious around him. #BB24
✨Daniel to self evict manifestation circle ✨ #bb24
daniel after nicole’s eviction: ugh i have to live with these people. oh my god just end the season alreadySELF EVICT. SELF EVICT. SELF EVICT. SELF EVICT. SELF EVICT. SELF EVICT. SELF EVICT. SELF EVICT. SELF EVICT. SELF EVICT. SELF EVICT. SELF EVICT. SELF EVICT. QUICKLY #bb24

The Leftovers Alliance put up another historic blindside and evicted Nicole

After Ameerah Jones' eviction on Big Brother last week, it was clear that the Leftovers Alliance would target Nicole or Alyssa for elimination. After Head of Household (HoH), Monte put Alyssa and Indy up on the chopping block, and then viewers were sure of Alyssa's eviction. However, Nicole felt she had to play her game smartly as she sensed something was amiss.

Nicole and Daniel planned to keep themselves safe and evict their biggest target, Taylor Hale. To do so, after Daniel and Kyle won the Power of Veto (PoV) challenge on Big Brother, the former convinced his Festie Bestie to put up Nicole and Taylor as replacement nominees.

On the other hand, Kyle was relieved that he saved his connection, Alyssa, and was also aligned with the Leftovers to have enough votes to save Taylor and send Nicole home. The alliance then strategized to find a way to blindside Nicole and prove to others that constant blindsiding was not the work of an alliance.

Taylor's speech against Nicole #BB24

Meanwhile, Nicole tried to secure Indy, Alyssa, and Jasmine's votes by promising to keep them safe in the Big Brother house. However, Nicole's plan backfired after she lied to HoH Monte about playing against the girls.

Monte, however, saw this as an opportunity to let Indy, Alyssa, and Jasmine know about Nicole's confession. He went to Jasmine and confessed that Nicole would go against the girls. Jasmine took the bait and plotted with Indy and Alyssa to vote out Nicole, who they felt was playing against them.

During the live eviction on this week's episode of Big Brother, viewers witnessed a historic blindside after everyone except Daniel voted for Nicole's elimination. After a 9-1 majority vote, Nicole was evicted from the house.

The Leftovers Alliance has proven to be a strong power in the house. With double blindsides in Ameerah and Nicole's eviction, it will be interesting to see who their next target will be. Viewers will have to keep watching to see if Daniel manages to shift the tides or if the power will still favor the Leftovers.

Tune in to an all-new episode of Big Brother on Sunday, August 7, 2022, at 8.00 pm ET on CBS.

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