‘Ozark’ Season 4 trailer: 5 things to expect from the final countdown

'Ozark' season 3 (Image via Netflix)
'Ozark' season 3 (Image via Netflix)

Netflix's Ozark is set to return for the first part of its final season and the excitement is soaring high since the trailer dropped. Season 4 seems to take things to the next level in terms of intensity.

The show is about a white collar couple delving into the criminal business of laundering money for a dangerous drug cartel from Mexico. This season brings in higher stakes and, as it seems, the end of the road for Wendy (Laura Linney) and Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman).

What to expect from the fourth season of 'Ozark'?

With the final season's trailer out, here's what fans can expect from the show.

1) A threat from every direction

The end of the previous season had the Byrde family involved in many avenues. With Marty running the majority of the cartel through to the finale, it is possible that multiple enemies, including the Mexican drug cartel, will be coming for them. It is hard to imagine that they will ever get out of this completely unscathed.

2) The Byrdes freeing themselves from the guilt of killing Helen

Helen in 'Ozark' (image via Netflix)
Helen in 'Ozark' (image via Netflix)

The teaser trailer of Ozark, which also shows a recap of important events from the show so far, makes a lot of key points, including the killing of Helen. Though it was a very wrong deed from the family man, Marty tries to vehemently free himself of the guilt. But the shadows of the past are hard to dispel.


3) The threat from the inside

Jonah Bryde in 'Ozark' (image via Netflix)
Jonah Bryde in 'Ozark' (image via Netflix)

The trailer remarks that the greatest threat someone faces is always from the inside. With that being said, it shows Marty's 14-year-old son getting into the laundering business.

Though it is a matter of concern, Marty expresses some semblance of pride. One wouldn't be foolish to consider Marty's son as the downfall of the entire family.

4) Protege turned enemy

Ruth (Julia Garner), who revered and learned from Marty, has now started her own journey. In a way, she is the brand new rival of the Byrde family. Though it is evident in the trailer that Marty still cares for her, she seems to have cut all ties with him and his family. She is expected to be one of the main rivals of the show's protagonists.

5) No one gets out clean

Marty and Wendy in 'Ozark' (image via Netflix)
Marty and Wendy in 'Ozark' (image via Netflix)

As the trailer states, no one from the crime family gets out clean. Simply put, every action has its consequence. This season will perhaps have the Byrde family suffer heavy losses.

Either that or all of it could culminate in something diabolical for the family. Having managed to dodge most of their consequences, the final season may bring the Byrde family's comeuppance.

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