Pawnix on Shark Tank: Founder, where to buy and all about noise-canceling headphones for dogs

Pawnix founder Kirsten Brand appears on Shark Tank season 13 (Image via Christopher Willard/ABC)
Pawnix founder Kirsten Brand appears on Shark Tank season 13 (Image via Christopher Willard/ABC)

The upcoming episode of Shark Tank season 13 will feature four business deals on Friday on ABC. One of the businesses will be Pawnix, founded by Kirsten Brand.

Pawnix is a noise-cancelling pair of headphones for dogs that she created after her pooch Emma ran away due to the 4th of July’s loud firework. The “CBO” of her company, Emma, used to get scared with loud noises and none of the calming methods, including treats, music, or oils, helped her pet.

On her brand’s website, the founder’s research stated:

“The statistics about dogs that run away during the 4th of July are high and very sad. There is a 30% increase of lost pets during the weeks surrounding the 4th of July.”

Once on an airplane, she put her noise-cancelling headphones on Emma’s ears and it calmed the dog down. This is why Pawnix was created.

Meet the founder of Pawnix

Pawnix founder Kirsten Brand hails from Nashville, Tennessee and has graduated in packaging engineering from Michigan State University. After getting the idea for her business, she spent hours and days on the internet learning everything about noise-cancelling techniques.

From creating a prototype to interviewing manufacturing teams, Brand didn’t take a pause at any point. After finding partners to test science and the testing data, she put up a campaign on Kickstarter in 2020. It turned out to be unsuccessful, but was successful later on IndieGoGo.

The brand’s website mentioned how Pawnix headphones work:

“PAWNIX Noise-Cancelling headset works for many other noises, not just thunderstorms and fireworks. It takes any loud noise and reduces the volume.”

It further reads:

“When dogs wear PAWNIX, the decibels level of loud noises is reduced up to 30 decibels. That means that loud firework shows become the loudness level of a dyson vacuum, or a running dishwasher.”

The features of Pawnix include active noise-cancelling, charing Type-C, bluetooth 5.0 and compression and foam.

What is the cost?


Pawnix headphones are available in two sizes (Medium and Large) and in four colors — Gray, Blue, Pink and Red. Fit for all dog breeds, each product costs $199.99.

Interested buyers can shop from the brand’s website and social media handles. The design of the headphones includes a four-way stretch of fabric that keeps the pooches comfortable without any irritation.

Pawnix founder Kirsten Brand on Shark Tank

Founder Kirsten Brand will pitch Pawnix to the sharks, consisting of Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec. A one-line description of the product has been mentioned in the official synopsis of Shark Tank season 13 episode 17.

It reads:

"An entrepreneur from Nashville, Tennessee, pitches her solution to help pet parents keep their dog calm during loud events.”

In addition to Pawnix, three more products will appear on Shark Tank called Young King Hair Care, round21 and Magic Dates.

The upcoming episode will air on Friday, March 25 at 8.00 pm ET on ABC. Viewers can also watch Shark Tank episodes on Hulu.

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