Pokemon x Irregular Choice: Release date, where to buy and more details explored

Pokemon x Irregular Choice collaborated for the capsule collection (Image via Twitter)
Pokemon x Irregular Choice collaborated for the capsule collection (Image via Twitter)

The upcoming Irregular Choice x Pokemon collection is a dream come true. The creative duo is bringing a whole new line of quirky Pokemon-themed tights, footwear, and bags to the market.

The collaboration, which is scheduled to launch on Friday, April 29, 2022, at 6AM CT, will mark the first official partnership between the London-based fashion label and Nintendo's most successful series. These pieces will be available on Irregular Choice's e-commerce website in a nine-piece bright assortment.

Pokemon x Irregular Choice creates bright, cartoon-inspired accessories

Since its inception in 1997, Pokemon has made a permanent place for itself in the hearts of anybody who played the game or watched the show. Those who grew up with it are still unable to forget the fantastic memories they made with the beloved animated creatures.

Recalibrating our fashion sense to fit in Pokemon hues seems like a genius idea. Pikachu-patterned tights, colorful boots and shoes, and cute purses are among the items featured by Irregular Choice in their collection to make the fandom happy.

Items in the the capsule collection

1) The whimsical Pokemon Party heels feature Jigglypuff, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur among others. Pikachu's 3D miniatures on the heels make the pair even more exciting.

2) Counting Stars are lovely rainbow slingbags that are emblazoned with Pikachu and Evee printed patches. The branding is located in the front.

3) The sparkly, black Shock Walk heels are fully dedicated to Pikachu. The electric monster's outsized 3D stickers feature atop the black glittering footwear.

4) The Hello Weekend bag is the next item on the list, and it will recharge your lazy weekends. This bag are made in the same way as the Shock Walk heels, with the same black backdrop.

5) Pikachu Dreams are a pair of casual black slip-ons with printed cutouts of snoozing Pikachu. The red and white Pokeballs on the boots are used for the front ornamentation.

6) With playful Pikachu patterns all over, these Powered Up tights will boost your spirits. These pastel pink tights will make a statement wherever you go.

7) The Sparkly fun boots are one the most notable items of the collection. Made with blush pink chunky soles, the boots have pink sequins on the top. The tongue tags are heart shapes with Pokeball printed on the inside. Jigglypuff features on both sides.

8) The Awesome Mode bags feature Jigglypuff and Togepi playing against a furry and glittery backdrop. Heart-shaped rhinestones are used for extra embellishment.

9) The Sparkly Nights tights are distinct and you will love them as an alternative. Images of Togepi, Sylveon, Clefairy, and Jigglypuff among others are printed on them.

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