Prime Video new design: What's new and how do you navigate the streaming platform?

Amazon is finally giving Prime Video an overhaul (Image via Prime Video)
Amazon is finally giving Prime Video an overhaul (Image via Prime Video)

Amazon Prime Video has come up with a new design for Android and streaming devices, including Fire TV.

Users can expect a better experience with the latest revamp as it is expected to ''make it easier for customers to find the content they love.''

The upgrade will be available to users around the world this summer. It will also be reflected on iOS and Web soon.

The idea behind the revamp is to highlight the streaming giant's massive repertoire of content across various categories, including movies, TV shows, sports and more.

Read further to find out more details about the new design and how to navigate the streaming platform.

Amazon Prime Video's new design offers a more easy-to-use navigation menu

According to Amazon, the latest design offers a more user-friendly navigation menu. This can help users look for content from a broad spectrum of categories — films or shows from different genres and channels — in a much easier way.

Users can find the new navigation menu on the side of the screen, which features six main pages: Home, Store, Find, Live TV, Free with Ads, and My Stuff.

For enhanced user experience, Prime Video also offers sub-navigation options with various filters like movies, TV shows, sports and so on.

One of the biggest highlights of the latest revamp is the carousel option, which can help users find the content they're looking for in a much more efficient way.

Per Amazon:

''For example, our “Top 10 Chart” taps into the social zeitgeist, showcasing popular and trending content on Prime Video in a highly visual and easily navigable manner. Our “Super Carousel,” with its larger, poster-style artwork, allows featured titles, such as Amazon Originals and Exclusives and Prime Video Cinema, to stand out against all other titles.''

Amazon has introduced another convenient feature that helps users easily identify content included in their current subscription and content available to buy, rent or subscribe to.

Users will see a blue checkmark icon that indicates content available to watch with their current subscription. Meanwhile, a shopping bag icon will show what content is available to rent, subscribe to or buy.

There's also a row called My Subscriptions, which users can find at the top, close to Home. This row showcases all the content available to watch within their current subscription.

There's another interesting page called Find, which will help the user look for a particular title or content across various genres. Prime Video offers live suggestions as the user starts typing a title into the search box.

According to Amazon, users can ''easily filter results by genre or 4K UHD.'' The search results indicate what content is available within the current subscription and what can be rented, bought or subscribed to using the aforementioned visual cues. It's also important to note that experience might differ by device and territory.

For sports lovers, the platform provides a sub-navigation menu on the Home page titled Sports. There's also an option called Live TV, which takes users to a page streaming live sporting events.

The Sports page also offers popular sports documentaries and replays. Additionally, it will provide users with several carousels showcasing different leagues and teams as per their interest. Viewers can watch Thursday Night Football on the platform.

Meanwhile, several new shows and movies are set to be released on the streaming platform this month. Head to Amazon Prime Video to watch new and exciting content.

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh