Inappropriate Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth memes take over Twitter in wake of British monarch's death

Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth memes flood the internet (Image via Getty Images)
Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth memes flood the internet (Image via Getty Images)

As the United Kingdom mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a slew of memes have taken over social media, particularly in reference to Princess Diana. Not only are netizens expressing concern over Prince Charles becoming the King, but they have also brought up Princess Diana’s death.

Queen Elizabeth died aged 96 on Thursday, September 8. As tributes and messages flooded across social media, netizens also brought up Princess Diana.

For those unaware, the former monarch and Diana had a strained relationship, particularly due to the latter’s divorce from her husband Prince Charles.

Charles and Diana got married in 1981. They went on to have two sons, Prince William and Harry. However, in 1996, the couple divorced and the very next year, Diana lost her life in a car crash in Paris.

no but charles becoming king two months before the crown season 5 comes out to expose him and camilla and lower their popularity even more… diana’s influence✨

Speculations claim that Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II had a less than warm relationship. For years, rumors have spread worldwide stating that Diana, “Queen of People’s Hearts” found little in common with Prince Charles due to their 12-year age difference. His affair with now Queen-consort Camilla Parker-Bowles only added fuel to the fire.

Meanwhile, as Princess Diana dealt with the unique difficulties of being part of the Royal Family, she succumbed to depression and bulimia. According to royal biographer Ingrid Seward’s book The Queen and Di, no one came to Diana’s aid.

Netizens flood Twitter with Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II memes

As mentioned prior, Princess Diana and her mother-in-law had a turbulent relationship. Netizens created a series of memes which suggested that the Princess would not welcome Elizabeth II into heaven.

Although the memes were posted in jest, given that they were posted so soon after the Queen's death, they could seem inappropriate or even ill-timed.

Queen Elizabeth waking up from her nap and finding Lady Diana in front of her #QueenElizabeth
Princess Diana up in heaven seeing all the Queen Elizabeth II memes:
princess diana getting ready to greet queen elizabeth ii in the after life
Princess Diana seeing Queen Elizabeth at the gates of heaven :
diana when she sees elizabeth tryna get in heaven
Princess Diana when she catches Elizabeth in limbo
in another life I know princess diana would’ve worn mugler ss 1997 to elizabeth’s funeral
princess diana as soon as queen elizabeth arrives
Princess Diana when she meets Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth after hearing Princess Diana will be her roommate in heaven #QueenElizabeth

Everything to know about Diana and the Queen’s relationship

According to Heavy, historians have noted in the past that it was the Queen who pushed for her son Prince Charles to marry Diana. Although it seemed like a good idea initially, Diana did not remain in favor of the Queen.

Arianna Chernock, an associate professor of history at Boston University, claimed that Diana wished for “more guidance” from the Queen after the former’s wedding to Prince Charles. As Diana and Charles’ relationship grew rocky, the former wished for the Queen’s interference.

Patrick Jephson, Diana’s Private Secretary said in a documentary titled The Golden Queens:

“For Princess Diana, there was a hope that somehow the queen would intervene to make things OK in their marriage again. But there was a communication problem between two very different generations. Between two strong women. There was a certain school of traditional royal thought that Diana should stop being silly.”

Diana’s voice coach Peter Settelen procured videotapes that belonged to her and they were aired in a documentary titled Diana In Her Own Words. In it, the Princess was heard sobbing about how she wished to get “help” from the monarch, but was unable to get it.

Diana said in the documentary:

“So I went to the top lady and said, ‘I don’t know what I should do. She said, ‘I don’t know what you should do.’ And that was it. That was ‘help.’”

Following the tragic demise of the People’s Princess, the Queen addressed the public and said:

“I want to pay tribute to Diana myself. Diana was an exceptional and gifted human being. In good times and bad, she never lost her capacity to smile and laugh, nor to inspire others with her warmth and kindness."

Now, the Prince of Wales, King Charles III stands as the new monarch with his wife Camilla Parker Bowles being the Queen Consort.

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