"Reality hit hard": Why are 1000-lb Best Friends fans upset with Meghan in episode 5? 

[1:06 pm, 02/02/2023] Upasya: And a caption for this ? [1:06 pm, 02/02/2023] Bhavya Kamra: Meghan lives in her best friend
[1:06 pm, 02/02/2023] Upasya: And a caption for this ? [1:06 pm, 02/02/2023] Bhavya Kamra: Meghan lives in her best friend's house with Jon (Image via meghan_1000lbbestfriends/ Instagram)

1000-lb Best Friends season 2 episode 5 aired on TLC this Wednesday, February 1, at 10 pm ET.

In the episode, Meghan was seen going wedding dress shopping with Tina, Vannessa, and Ashley. She tried on multiple dresses but refused to buy any of them after seeing the price tags.

Meghan and her fiance Jon still live with Tina at her home. Meghan only moved in with her temporarily when the latter's mental health was not good. Now after many months, she and her fiance are still living with them and have not announced any intentions of moving out.

1000-lb Best Friends fans reminded Meghan about her living situation and felt that she should save money for a new place instead of shopping for clothes with her friends.

Meghan saw the price tags on the dresses and reality hit hard. Meghan 💭 - I ain’t got money. I live in my bestie’s basement. #1000lbBestFriends

1000-lb Best Friends fans remind Meghan that she still lives in Tina's basement with her kids

Tina herself became emotional after seeing Meghan in wedding dresses and revealed that her connection with her husband was very weak when they got married.

She also said that they had to get married in a small ceremony in the house because of their financial conditions.

1000-lb Best Friends fans felt that it Meghan was preparing for her wedding at a very difficult time and urged the couple to sort out their own home before the marriage.

Some even questioned who was paying for the wedding dress, given the couple's dire financial conditions.

John and Meghan. Please find a place of your own before getting married for Christ sakes. #1000lbBestFriends
Meghan has already made two comments about what she can’t afford. So sure, plan a wedding and go back to live in Tina’s basement. #1000lbbestfriends
#1000lbBestFriends Meghan+fiancé had to live in a hotel room with Tina and her family but have the money for a wedding?
Hey Meghan, forget the damn dress and the wedding. Why waste all that time and money on a marriage that wont last? Use that money for a therapist to find out why you're so damn selfish to your friend Tina to not move out and give Tina's marriage some space. #1000lbBestFriends
Meghan needs to pick up some job apps while she’s out #1000lbBestFriends
How does Meghan take care of Jon if they're both living off of someone else? #1000lbBestFriends
Meghan just rubs me the wrong way. im constantly rolling my eyes when she’s on screen #1000lbbestfriends
Once again, Meghan is making poor decisions. I dont understand Tina not giving Meghan some terms. The thought of a wedding is disrespectful to Tina and Johnny. I think Tina has issues also. She's not able to cut her Meghan cord. #1000lbBestFriends
Who is paying for Meghan’s wedding dress??? #1000lbBestFriends

What else happened on 1000-lb Best Friends season 2 episode 5?

TLC's description of the episode, titled Simple Twist of Weight, read:

"Meghan has a tough time finding a wedding dress that works. Then, the girls go on a wellness retreat, and they're met with boot camp-like workouts that push them to their limits. Ashely breaks down in pain, threatening her weight loss goals."

On this week's episode, Ashley visited doctor Charles Procter, who advised her to go on a wellness retreat. She was 50 pounds heavier than her friends, and therefore faced difficulties in many of the tasks. Her friends motivated her to walk a little bit faster, but Ashley stopped in the middle to get some rest.

Following Meghan's wedding dress trial, Ashley also confessed that she wanted to have a family of her own after losing the required weight and getting a surgery. She said that she was not jealous of Meghan but did want to be in her place.

1000-lb Best Friends airs on TLC every Wednesday at 10 pm ET. Fans can also stream the episodes on Discovery + and TLC Go.

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