"Red flags all over": Married at First Sight fans think Airris is not ready to settle down in season 16 episode 3

Will Airris and Jasmine
Will Airris and Jasmine's wedding make it past 8 weeks? (Image via Lifetime)

Lifetime aired Married at First Sight season 16 episode 3, titled Music City Matrimony, on Wednesday, January 18, at 8 pm ET.

In the episode, Airris and Jasmine tied the knot without meeting each other before the ceremony, but fans were not too convinced about their connection. Airris' family had previously asked him not to get involved in the experiment because he had never even lived with a woman, but he did not back out.

Just before the ceremony, Airris' cousin said that the whole situation was laughable and that she could get him out of the wedding.

Airris initially declined the proposition, saying that whichever "black woman" becomes his wife will be treated with respect. However, at the alter, he thought about giving his cousin the 'running away' look, in case his wife was not pretty.

Airris clapped as his wife walked down the aisle because he liked her physical features. However, his family warned Jasmine in a speech that Airris was not too good when it came to communication and was a very private man. Airris admitted that he was "spoiled and stubborn" as an only child.

He also got worried about Jasmine having four dogs and said that he did not like them, but was okay with their presence.

Married at First Sight fans felt that it was a red flag that Airris' family did not want him to get married and felt that he was the wrong guy for such an open experiment.

Married at First Sight fans feel Airris and Jasmine don't have any connection

Airris was shocked to learn that Jasmine had four dogs and nine puppies, which seemed like a big family to him. This made him nervous. The couple also soon discovered that they had a very different time schedule.

Married at First Sight fans slammed the experts for putting Airris into the experiment when he was not ready for a long-term relationship and a family.

What happened on Married at First Sight season 16 episode 3?

Lifetime's description of the episode reads:

"The final two couples tie the knot in Nashville, Tenn.; the 10 newlyweds share their first dinner and dance; one bride refuses to share a first kiss; everyone is wondering what is going to happen in the honeymoon suite."

Mackinley and Domynique tied the knot this week on Married at First Sight. Mac was nervous about marrying a stranger, but Dom seemed to be calm, which her bridesmaids felt was psychotic. Mac wanted a physically attractive wife but was afraid that his description of his wife in the papers was very vague.

Dom wanted her husband to be involved in active sports and hunting, but was happy with him just being 'adaptable.' Mac revealed that he recently moved to Nashville and was just living at his best friend's parents' house.

However, the couple was happy to see each other at the alter and Dom called it 'the right place at the right time.'

Dom could not remember her husband's name after the ceremony, leading to an awkward situation. Other couples were also seen enjoying their reception parties with friends and family.

Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime every Wednesday at 8 pm ET.

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