"Too much, too soon": Married at First Sight fans feel Nicole is annoying as she gets overexcited for her wedding

Does Nicole have a lot of expectations from her husband? (Image via Lifetime)
Does Nicole have a lot of expectations from her husband? (Image via Lifetime)

Married at First Sight season 16 episode 2, titled Runaway Groom?, aired on Lifetime this Wednesday, January 11 at 8 pm ET.

In the episode, Nicole was seen buying her wedding dress and ultimately tying the knot with Chris, who she had never met before. While dress shopping, Nicole was seen getting too excited and restless to find a dress.

She even said that there was "sweat dripping" from her legs. Nicole was scared that her personality was too much to handle and that her husband might not like it. She mentioned how she was buying pajamas two weeks ago and was now open to buying a wedding dress.

On the wedding day, Nicole said that her energy was at 200 and that she needed to be at 80. Nicole's mother noticed her daughter's excitement but asked her not to be physically intimate with Chris on her wedding night. After receiving Chris's gift, a Moonstone bracelet and a letter, Nicole said that she might say 'I Love You' to him before even asking his name.

Married at First Sight fans felt that Nicole was way too excited for the ceremony and needed to calm down as it was "way too much" before marrying a stranger.

Married at First Sight fans ask Nicole to lower her expectations

Nicole said that her husband was going to do everything for her, including buying the groceries, and felt that no one apart from her family had thought too much about her. She revealed that she never felt this way about anyone even before meeting them and was not going to get a divorce.

At the ceremony, Nicole could not stop talking and shrugging her shoulders. She said that no one would hang out with them as she and Chris both talked a lot.

Married at First Sight fans asked Nicole to calm down as she was being very "annoying."

What happened on Married at First Sight season 16 episode 2?

Lifetime's description of the episode reads:

"It's wedding day; five Nashville, Tenn., couples anxiously prepare to marry a complete stranger; starting with the I do's and awkward kisses, the stranger spouses begin their eight-week marital journey."

This week on Married at First Sight, Kristen and Shaquille tied the knot in front of their family and friends. During their wedding vows, Shaquille told Kristen that he was beyond happy and excited to be with her. Kristen also told Shaquille that she would be patient and compassionate towards him.

She did not let Shaquille ki*s her after the ceremony but was excited to learn that the latter was a mentor. She stated that he already had two things that she did not like, which were being a year older than her and being bald. Shaquille, however, respected Kristen's boundaries and felt that she was just what he wanted in a partner.

Later on, Gina and Clint went wedding dress shopping and got married. Gina's dog Hank was a part of the ceremony. The experts felt that both of them were very adventurous and passionate about their careers, making them a good match.

Fresh episodes of Married at First Sight air on Lifetime every Wednesday at 8 pm ET.

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