RHOA: Did Kenya use her divorce as an excuse to get out of confrontation? Fans have mixed reactions

Kenya Moore (Image via Instagram/@kenya)
Kenya Moore (Image via Instagram/@kenya)

Bravo's RHOA Season 14 returned for an all-new episode on Sunday night. The drama was at an all-time high this week as the ladies continued their vacation in Jamaica. While the ladies tried to stick to Sanya's schedule, Kenya had plans of her own. When Sanya questioned her tardiness, Kenya used her divorce as an excuse.

Episode 14 of RHOA, titled Montego Baes, saw the ladies in Jamaica on a relaxing trip. In reality, however, it was far from relaxing since they kept getting into arguments. The drama was centred around Kenya and Sanya this week. The episode kicked off with the ladies all meeting up to go to the stadium where Sanya ran her first race.

We'd be all smiles if we were on vacay with the #RHOA 'Wives, too! 🇯🇲

Before going to the stadium, Sanya had planned to take the RHOA stars to Kingston, where she grew up. While everyone made it to the bus on time, Kenya was late. When Sanya called her up, Kenya told her co-star that she would try to make it on time. But even 40 minutes later, there was still no sign of her.

After waiting for almost an hour, Sanya messaged Kenya once again to inquire about her whereabouts. Kenya then told her that she and the other RHOA stars could go ahead with their trip, and that she would join later. This left Sanya upset.

Later during their trip, Kenya arrived in a taxi and met up with the ladies at one of Kingston's famous ice-cream parlors. Sanya wasted no time in confronting Kenya about her tardiness. But the RHOA star used her messy divorce from Marc as an excuse for being late. This didn't sit well with Sanya.

Did Kenya use her divorce as an excuse to not apologize to Sanya in RHOA Episode 14?

When Kenya arrived at the ice-cream parlor, Sanya took her aside for a conversation and asked her she didn't show up on time. Sanya further pointed out that if this was Kenya's trip there's no way that she wouldn't want to be where her friend wanted her.

Kenya immediately jumped to defend herself and claimed that she had been there for Sanya throughout the trip. But her actions proved otherwise, given how she was an hour late during the previous night's dinner, and had also missed the bus in the morning after keeping the ladies waiting for almost an hour.

Instead of apologizing to Sanya, Kenya went on to say that she had a disturbing conversation with her daughter Brooklyn and revealed that for the last two weeks, her daughter had not wanted to talk to her dad, and it seemed like he didn't want to come to Atlanta to meet her either.

Kenya continued to add that things were difficult for her, and that she had been trying everything she could to protect her daughter. Although Sanya was quiet during Kenya's mini meltdown, she didn't buy any of it.

During her confessional, Sanya shared that every time she called Kenya out for something, the latter brought up her child or her ex-husband to get out of it. Sanya also recalled how Kenya did the same when she tried to confront her about cutting the line on her face a few weeks ago.

According to Sanya, Kenya used Marc as an excuse yet again. She added that the RHOA star should've just owned up to her mistake and apologized when she was called out for her wrongdoings.

Fans split over Kenya's reason for being later in RHOA

Taking to Twitter, some fans felt sorry for what Kenya was going through and supported her. Meanwhile, a few other fans agreed with Sanya and claimed that Kenya was just using her divorce as an excuse to get out of apologizing.

Sanya is right! Kenya stay with excuses! She always late! Just be accountable! #RHOA
Sanya is being insensitive and petty. If Kenya had a situation the MORNING OF THE TRIP, then it makes sense why she was late. Why is she acting like Kenya isn’t going through a rough time right now??? #RHOA
Nah, I can’t rock with Sanya thinking Kenya is using her situation as an excuse to be late. She just spoke to her daughter. Have some compassion. #RHOA
There's no excuse to be late Kenya and you can't blame your intentional rudeness on Brooklyn or Mr. Gaslight. The editors got you having a grand ole time in your room.#RHOA #TheMathAintMathing
Kenya shouldn’t make excuses but Sanya shouldn’t feel the need to force an apology #RHOA
Sanya is right, ‘the math ain’t mathing’. I feel like Kenya lies about any and everything 🙄🙄 #RHOA
How sanya expect kenya to act, going through divorce? Ler kenya we enjoy this vacation and hush #RHOA
We all watched how Marc treated Kenya, so people saying she only uses him as an excuse are being disingenuous, even when the facts are well laid out. Fix up#RHOA
Y'all...Sanya has a slight point with Kenya. I think it would've went a long way if Kenya had a apologized for being late. #RHOA
I love Kenya but... You being late to an event has nothing to with your divorce. #RHOA

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