"Sanya is MESSY": Fans slam Sanya Richards-Ross for disinviting Drew Sidora to her photoshoot in RHOA Episode 6

Sanya Richards-Ross (Image via Instagram/@sanyarichiross)
Sanya Richards-Ross (Image via Instagram/@sanyarichiross)

RHOA Season 14 returned for another energetic episode on Sunday night, with the tiff between Drew Sidora and Sanya Richards-Ross continuing.

Following Sanya and Drew's recent argument about the latter's assistant Anthony, the two RHOA stars have been in hot water. In the episode, Sanya invited Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss for her MommiNation photoshoot. While Drew also received an invite, it was later revoked, drawing criticism from fans.

sanya is MESSY! #RHOA

When Kenya and Kandi heard about this, Kandi asked Sanya if she had sent Drew an official disinvite. Sanya then revealed that it was originally supposed to be Drew and Kandi, but said that she had to revoke the invitation after their argument in New York:

"I wrote to her and I was like, you know, hey Drew, I think that you and I should talk. I don't think my shoot is the right place, so we should connect again after."

Fans who watched the episode slammed the housewife, claiming that she was being shady.

Check out what fans had to say after Sanya uninvited Drew to her shoot on RHOA, Episode 6

Many viewers took to social media to share that Sanya didn't make the right move by uninviting Drew. Some also added that she was trying to make it into the popular team on the reality television series.

Sanya snd her forehead are shady. First you invite then uninvite Drew to her event. Then she wants to talk with Drew in front of an audience instead of one on one. #RHOA
Sanya being messy boots #RHOA
Sanya lowkey seems messy af. She was being shady about Drew when they were supposed to be friends before even talking to Drew about her issue w/ her. And let's not forget when Sanya was being messy about Marlo's event when she ran and told Marlo the girls were talking crap#RHOA
Sanya trying to get in with the popular girls #RHOA
Sanya being a lil fake, init? Shes jumping ship to hop on the popular train. #RHOA
Lol Marlo’s right Sanya is trying to be down W the ones she thinks Are most popular that’s why she turned on drew #RHOA
Sanya is showing her thirstiness to be in w/the “popular” girls #RHOA

More on what else happened this week on Episode 6 of RHOA

After the RHOA stars questioned why Sanya didn't invite Drew, she shared that she would make it up to her. Sanya also revealed that she was hosting a dinner party where her mother would be cooking Jamaican food, so the housewives would learn more about her culture.

Meanwhile, Sheree Whitfield is still heartbroken over being stood up by her long-time boyfriend Tyrone, in Philly. To help her feel better, Marlo Hampton planned a pampering session at her place. Even though Kenya was supposed to join in, she backed out in the last minute, claiming that she was sick.

Marlo found this fishy, because she had her makeup on in bed. The next day at Sanya's dinner party, when Marlo questioned Kenya about this, the latter shared that she was glammed up because she was about to leave for Marlo's place when she realised she was feeling sick. However, Marlo didn't buy her reason and shared that she felt betrayed.

Sheree was also upset with Kandi because the RHOA star hadn't called her up to find out how she was doing after her trip to Philly. Marlo and Sheree then stormed out of the event to badmouth Kenya and Kandi. Marlo even went on to call Kandi "a h*e", claiming that she had slept with another man for free.

Marlo also claimed that Kenya tries to boast about being Miss USA to get rappers, but has been rejected by all. Next week, when the series returns, more drama is set to unfold as Drew arrives at Sanya's dinner party.

RHOA airs every Sunday night at 8 pm ET, on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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