RHONY season 14: What does Brynn Whitfield do for a living?

Brynn Whitfield the fashionista, works in marketing and communications. (Image via Instagram/@brynn_whitfield)
Brynn Whitfield the fashionista, works in marketing and communications. (Image via Instagram/@brynn_whitfield)

The RHONY wives spend more money in a month than most people earn in their lives. They're dramatic, sometimes comforting, but most of all, they're elite. The reality saga features Brynn Whitfield, Erin Lichy, Jenna Lyons, Jessel Taank, Sai De Silva, and Ubah Hassan.

With the show in its 14th season, fans can't help but wonder what the ladies do for a living. Brynn Whitfield, in particular, has come into the spotlight after people learned about her unexpectedly high net worth.

During her time on the show, Brynn jokes that she's a "trophy wife in training." But in reality, she is a professional and makes her own money. According to her LinkedIn profile, she works as a Brand Marketing/ Communications Lead. Aside from this job, Brynn also spends her time managing public relations for a yoga mat company.

RHONY: Brynn Whitfield is much more than just a Reality TV sensation

Brynn Whitfield comes from South Bend, Indiana, and has always shared a strong bond with her grandmother, who played an integral role in bringing her up. Brynn sees her as a role model and gives her credit for instilling a good work ethic in her. Her grandmother passed away in 2021.

Brynn quickly found success in Manhattan, New York, where she now lives. She gained immense popularity as a socialite, making her reality TV debut on RHONY. Coming from humble Midwestern roots, Celebrity Net Worth estimates her current net worth at a staggering $3 million. Audiences are always curious to learn about her early life and what she does professionally.

She graduated from Purdue University in 2008 with a degree in communications, PR, and advertising. She worked for her University's newsletter to gain editorial experience while she studied. Brynn has been making great strides in her career since.

Before her appearance on RHONY, Brynn almost landed a role in Vanderpump Rules since she was extremely tight with Lisa's daughter, Pandora. She withdrew herself from it because she wasn't the biggest fan of Reality TV at the time.

Currently, along with being an iconic Reality TV face, she works as a Brand Marketing and Communications Lead on a freelance basis. During her spare time, the RHONY wife keeps herself occupied by being an Advisory Board Member for SACRED Yoga and TongueTry.

SACRED Yoga is a yoga mat company, and Tongue Try is a Spanish language learning platform. Brynn certainly wears many hats, and her LinkedIn states she has executed many "award-winning campaigns."

When she joined SACRED Yoga, they made a Facebook post that perfectly encompassed her all-round personality and working style.

"Meet Brynn – a bada**, super smart, and spicy PR executive living in New York, and momma to an adorable pup named Pepper," SACRED Yoga's caption read.

Brynn continues to pave her way to bigger achievements and milestones, and her followers get regular updates on her Instagram account @brynn_whitfield. Although she spends a significant amount of time working, this RHONY housewife doesn't let it get in the way of her enjoyment. Her social media also portrays her as an avid traveler jet-setting across the globe.

RHONY is currently underway in its 14th season, and the wives are geared up to return with episode 8 on September 10, 2023. It will be available for streaming at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

Edited by Shreya Das