After Rachel Zegler, Amber Heard reportedly blacklisted from Hollywood

Aquaman 2 producer Peter Safran rejected the social media campaign to remove Amber Heard from it (Image via Facebook/AquamanMovie)
Aquaman 2 producer Peter Safran rejected the social media campaign to remove Amber Heard from it (Image via Facebook/AquamanMovie)

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, an actor's reputation is like a golden ticket to success. But recently, Amber Heard has found herself in a particularly tough spot. Her reputation has taken a big hit because of a highly publicized legal battle with another famous actor, Johnny Depp.

This battle caused a massive uproar in Hollywood, and now there are rumors that she might not get to be in any more of those blockbuster movies that we all love to watch. Heard's career is facing a storm because of this publicized spat with Johnny Depp.

People in Hollywood are talking about her getting "blacklisted," which means she might not be chosen to play the big, important roles in major Hollywood projects.

Much like Rachel Zegler, Amber Heard has also found herself in hot water within the Hollywood sphere due to her high-profile legal battle with Johnny Depp.

The fallout from her legal battles has led to whispers and speculations about her being blacklisted from significant Hollywood projects.

The common thread here is how controversies and public image can impact an actor's career. Both Zegler and Heard have faced severe backlash in the media, which has led to doubts about their future roles in the industry.

Is Amber Heard really blacklisted from Hollywood? Youtuber Mike Zeroh explains


Amber Heard, renowned for her role as Mera in the Aquaman franchise, is facing a wave of criticism following a test screening of the upcoming Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom. Initial reports suggest her performance in the film failed to make an impact.

Warner Bros., the studio behind Aquaman, has taken a bold step to minimize her role further, reducing her character to a glorified cameo. This move has stirred up a storm of discontent, Zeroh says, with fans and critics alike questioning the studio's decision to retain her amid the ongoing controversy.

Actress Amber Heard's troubles in Hollywood extend beyond the Aquaman franchise. She was in discussions to join prominent Hollywood productions, including Matt Reeves' The Batman Part Two, but these talks abruptly came to a halt as her ties to Warner Bros. weakened due to her legal battle with Johnny Depp.

Moreover, a planned horror project with Blumhouse Productions has been scrapped.

Mike Zeroh adds that Paramount and Skydance, two influential players in the industry, have also cut ties with Heard, distancing themselves from the actress amidst the prevailing industry sentiment.

Even DreamWorks Animation, recognized for its family-friendly projects, opted not to engage Heard for voiceover work, signaling her growing rejection by the entertainment world.

Final thoughts

Amber Heard in the film Aquaman 2 (Image via Warner Bros)
Amber Heard in the film Aquaman 2 (Image via Warner Bros)

A significant development in Amber Heard's downfall is Universal Studios' decision to exclude her from an all-female spin-off of the Fast & Furious franchise. This move showcases that Universal is keen to avoid any association with the controversies surrounding the actress.

Amber Heard's career is undoubtedly in trouble, with Hollywood studios unwilling to work with her. The aftermath of her legal dispute with Depp has left her reputation heavily tarnished, and her future in Hollywood is now uncertain.

As Amber faces criticism for her involvement in Aquaman 2 and her diminishing opportunities, it appears that her stardom may be fading.

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