Is Run BTS over? 'Break' rumors explained as fans swarm Twitter

Run BTS Ep 155 preview (Image via Weverse)
Run BTS Ep 155 preview (Image via Weverse)

The BTS fandom is collectively losing its mind on Twitter as a hint that Run BTS is taking a break for way longer than expected, has started doing the rounds. Fans now believe their beloved show is taking a break for two long years. While taking hiatuses between the show's seasons to concentrate on other promotions is common, the supposed waiting period has stunned the fandom.

Run BTS aired their season three finale, episode 156, on October 12, 2021. Titled Finale (Part 2), members took a trip down memory lane and played ARMYs favorite games from the show’s history.

Is Run BTS taking a two-year break?

On October 28, an ARMY found a hint in the Run BTS behind-the-scenes episode 156, which possibly mentions the break time. Previously, the show went on a year-long hiatus, starting its second season in 2017 after the first ended in 2016. Since the time that BTS has achieved massive international success, it has only taken temporary hiatuses due to music releases or for BTS In The SOOP.

In episode 156's behind-the-scenes snippets, J-Hope, RM, SUGA and Jungkook discuss what they would like to see in the new season. SUGA suggested “something like Episode 1”, which prompted RM to imitate the concept of their premiere episode.

The concept in the first-ever Run BTS was introducing themselves - their name, age and some words that define them. It was also one of the most loved episodes of the show.

Imitating the premiere episode, RM called out his and Jungkook’s name but added two years to their current ages. This event has ARMYs believing that Run BTS will be taking a two-year long break.

Considering it was the latest behind-the-scenes video of Run BTS, it has cemented ARMYs doubts. For millions of fans, the exclusive variety show has been their safe space. It provides them comfort and healing. For all the happiness the show has offered fans, they can’t fathom saying goodbye to it for two years.

Meanwhile, some fans think the two year long break is because of the group's eldest member, Jin's enlistment.

However, it is not the end for Run BTS. No official confirmation has been made from any side about the duration of the break.

Speaking about the show's break, Jimin mentioned that they have carefully decided to take a break to come back even stronger and better next season. RM also expressed his thoughts on the show by saying that Run BTS is their “next biggest pillar”, after music and concerts.

Since their meteoric rise to success, there has been no shortage of BTS content for fans. Behind-the-scenes content, BangtanTV episodes, reality shows, interviews, photoshoots, and many more things, BTS is finally taking their well-deserved rest.

Meanwhile, fans can catch BTS in BTS In the SOOP 2's next episode releasing on October 29.

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