'Santa Inc.': 3 reasons why Seth Rogan's series is not a regular Christmas feature

Still from HBO Max's Santa Inc. (Image via IMDb)
Still from HBO Max's Santa Inc. (Image via IMDb)
Shruti Kotiya

Christmas is coming early for people who love animated content, especially the grown-up version of it, with HBO Max's Santa Inc.

Santa Inc. follows the story of Santa Claus and his VP Candy Smalls, who wishes to overthrow Santa and become the first ever female Santa Claus. The series shows Candy and her plans to get in the inner circle of the North Pole.

Santa Inc. was created by Alexandra Rushfield and the series consists of eight episodes in total; all of which will premiere on HBO Max on December 2.

'Santa Inc.' is a must-watch series for adults and here's why


The official trailer for Santa Inc. was released last week and the adult animated series is all set to hit HBO Max on December 2. Santa Inc. stars Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, Gabourey Sidibe, Leslie Grossman, Craig Robinson, Nicholas Braun and Maria Bamford as the voice cast.

The synopsis for HBO Max's Santa Inc. reads:

"In this series from Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman, intrepid elf Candy Smalls will do anything to be named as the first female Santa โ€“ even if she has to fight like a man to get it."

Listed below are the reasons that make Santa Inc. different from most holiday-themed animated series.

1) It might be animated but it's for adults

While HBO Max's Santa Inc. might be an animated series, its actual target audience is intended for adults. The Christmas special is for adults who like cursing and explicit jokes. The trailer, released by HBO Max, underlines Santa's current naughtiness as he is quick to curse and even urinate in public.

It also jokes about how somehow Santa is one of the most influential people in the world but kids don't believe in the real things like vaccines and the Holocaust.

2) It's entirely a stop-motion animated series

The animated series is entirely stop-motion. Santa Inc. uses stop motion animation from Stoopid Buddy Studios, which is not something you see in most TV series'. The latest usage of stop-motion animation was seen in musician SIA's music video for Snowman. So maybe Christmas really is the time to bring animation and stop-motion together.

3) It talks about the patriarchy

Still from HBO Max's Santa Inc. - Santa Claus and Candy Smalls (Image via IMDb)
Still from HBO Max's Santa Inc. - Santa Claus and Candy Smalls (Image via IMDb)

Santa Inc.'s storyline highlights the brutal patriarchy that exists even at the North Pole, and Candy Smalls might just be an elf, but she is ready to take over. She is sick of the powerful position being passed on to men each generation and she is willing to become part of the inner-circle just to overthrow Santa.

This is what makes the series special as it is important to deliver messages like these even if it's through animation.

Stream the adult stop-motion animated series Santa Inc. from December 2, exclusively on HBO Max.

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