Sell Your Haunted House Episode 7: When it will air and what to expect for new installment of Jang Na Ra drama

Jang Na Ra and Jung Yong Hwa in the poster for "Sell Your Haunted House" (Image via KBS/Rakuten Viki)
Jang Na Ra and Jung Yong Hwa in the poster for "Sell Your Haunted House" (Image via KBS/Rakuten Viki)

Jang Na Ra is easily one of the most sought after actresses for K-dramas, and her work in "Sell Your Haunted House," proves why. As Hong Ji Ah, she effortlessly plays a cool, mysterious woman who is slowly learning to show more empathy in her work. Of course, her chemistry with Jung Yong Hwa, who plays Oh In Bum, is no joke.

In "Sell Your Haunted House," exorcist Ji Ah and the conman In Bum team up to deal with haunted properties. Ji Ah is the owner of Daebak Real Estate, which she runs with Joo Hwa Jung (Kang Mal Geum). Meanwhile, In Bum sets traps with Heo Ji Chul (Kang Hong Suk) to scam people using fraudulent ghosts.

In Bum and Ji Ah cross paths when Ji Ah realizes that In Bum is a strong medium -- perhaps strong enough to help her exorcize the one ghost she has not been able to, that of her mother, Hong Mi Jin (Baek Eun Hye). Working with each other, In Bum begins to learn the value of doing honorable work, and Ji Ah learns to empathize more with her cases in "Sell Your Haunted House."

Read on to learn what to expect for the upcoming episode of "Sell Your Haunted House."

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When will Sell Your Haunted House Episode 7 air and where to watch it?

Episode 7 of "Sell Your Haunted House" will air on KBS on Wednesday, May 5, and will be available to stream on Rakuten Viki shortly afterwards.

Episode 8 will air on Thursday, May 6.

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What happened previously?

In "Sell Your Haunted House," Ji Ah and In Bum begin to work together. Ji Ah does so because she believes In Bum is a strong medium who will help exorcize her mother. Meanwhile, In Bum realizes that there is some connection between his deceased uncle and Ji Ah.

Over the episodes of "Sell Your Haunted House," viewers learn that Ji Ah's mother, Mi Jin, was killed during an exorcism, after a client had sought her out. Mi Jin had taken on the spirit so that a young Ji Ah, who wandered to where the exorcism was happening, would be safe. While her memories initially showed the client holding a bag, she later realized he was holding a young boy, whom she deduced to be his nephew. However, in Ji Ah's memories, the boy's face is blanked out.

"Sell Your Haunted House" viewers also learned that In Bum had been possessed by ghosts since he was young and that his parents had passed away before he could get to know them.

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Ji Ah tasks Hwa Jung to find the identity of the boy. Hwa Jung realizes that the boy is In Bum, but keeps it from Ji Ah. Hwa Jung is also trying to convince Ji Ah to terminate the contract with In Bum, however, the pair are working together quite nicely, so Ji Ah seems reluctant.

Just when things get interesting in "Sell Your Haunted House," both In Bum and Ji Ah are kidnapped by the chairman of Dohak Construction, Do Hak Sung (Ahn Gil Kang), who threatened to hurt In Bum if Ji Ah does not sell him Daebak Real Estate. However, Ji Ah refuses and though In Bum is being beaten to pulp, Ji Ah also notices there is a disgruntled ghost hovering behind Do. Ji Ah also recognizes the ghost as her mother's last client, who died by suicide after setting fire at a construction site that killed seven people.

In Bum gets possessed by the ghost and violently beats up people, yet Do holds him by his throat. IBum, possessed by the ghost, tells Do that he set the fire and that he wants the apartment that was promised to him.

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What to expect from Episode 7 of Sell Your Haunted House?

While viewers go into Episode 7 of "Sell Your Haunted House," In Bum and Ji Ah are Do's captives. While they may soon be released, fans might wonder what Do's connection is to both of them. It seems quite likely that Do is somehow involved in the deaths of both Ji Ah's mother and In Bum's uncle.

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While In Bum knows that there is some connection, he still does not know how his uncle is connected to Ji Ah. Similarly, Ji Ah does not know that In Bumis is the little boy in her memories.

As both Ji Ah and In Bum grow closer together on "Sell Your Haunted House," will their shared past come back to haunt them?

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