"Sellll me a river please!": RHOdubai fans don't believe Caroline Stanbury's explanation of Sergio's racist comments

Caroline tries to defend Sergio
Caroline tries to defend Sergio's racist comments (Image via carolinestanbury/ Instagram)

Tonight on RHODubai Reunion Part 1, Caroline was asked about her husband Sergio's racist tweets from 2016. Caroline said she had asked him to check his posts before shooting for the show, but he faced some technical glitch while deleting that particular set of tweets.

Sara said that when she asked Sergio about the tweets, he defended himself by saying that, at the time, a company used his Twitter to promote their brand. He further said that the company made those tweets. Caroline stated that Sergio was the least racist person she knew.

RHODubai fans did not buy Caroline's explanation and said that there was no way that he did not know the meaning of those racist words.

Sergio’s NEVER heard the word before?!?!? Sellll me a river please! #RHODubai

RHODubai fans slam Sergio for his tweets

The group gets questioned about Sergio past racist tweet. #RHODubai

RHODubai fans took to Twitter to slam Sergio for his tweets and said he knew what he had tweeted about.

We should’ve known when Brooks called the neighborhood with the souk and African restaurants the ghetto that she would say racism doesn’t exist in Dubai and Sergio doesn’t know what the N word is.. #RHODubai
"Sergio is the least racist person I know ".. yeah right!! 🙄🙄 #RHODubai
Didn't Sergio have more than one racist tweet? #rhodubai
So that was like 4 different excuses for Sergio being racist and none of them were even good. #RHODubai
So Stanbury’s advice to Sergio about his racist tweet was to “check everything on his social media if he goes on a tv show”Basically be racist in private… #RHODubai #RHODubaiReunion #rhodxb
…Sergio’s never heard the N word before? We’re all just supposed to believe that? #RHODubai
I don't believe that story of Sergio not tweeting that shit #RHODubai
Y'all can't make me believe that Sergio is just oblivious to everything #RHODubai

What else did Caroline say about her husband at the RHODubai reunion?

Caroline said she met Sergio while dealing with her mid-life crisis. She revealed that she planned to have a child with Sergio within the next two years after they moved into their new house. Other cast members were worried about Caroline's health and said that if the plan did not work, she would have to hire a surrogate abroad because it was not allowed in Dubai.

Chanel accused Sergio of never having a contract with the team, but Caroline said he got paid but was benched during the games. When asked about Sergio's occupation, she said he worked with her and did crypto mining.

He used the same crypto money to pay for the furniture in his new home. Chanel said the couple was not as affectionate in real life as they claimed to be on Instagram, but Caroline denied the claims.

Caroline fought Chanel in the first few episodes and did not invite her to her engagement party. She did not attend Lesa's fashion show, where everyone was invited, and instead spent time with her then fiancé. She also made an inappropriate comment about Lesa getting along well with her fiance at a party and called him out for becoming 'one of them.'

A recap of RHODubai Season 1 finale

Last week on RHODubai, Sara Al Madani organized a fun ladies' trip to Ras Al Khaimah to enjoy UAE's rich culture. Milan accused Caroline Stanbury of enquiring about her from their mutual friends before the show was shot. She also said that Caroline S. had blocked her on Instagram.

The episode description reads,

"After Lesa and Ayan say goodbye to a loved one, Sara arranges a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Ras Al Khaimah for the ladies; while the group experiences fun and culture in the desert, drama is brewing just beneath the surface."

Lesa also gave her late pet goat a funeral. Chanel had gifted Lesa the goat, and she was present at the funeral too. The two discussed that Nina Ali initially badmouthed Caroline with the other cast members but later became friends with her. Nina said in a confessional that she had misjudged Caroline and only got to know her later.

RHODubai Reunion Part 2 will air on Bravo next Wednesday, September 7, at 8 pm ET.

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