Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 3: Why didn’t the Sharks make an offer to Halloween Moments’ founder?

Kevin O’Leary trying out Halloween Moments
Kevin O’Leary trying out Halloween Moments' product on Shark Tank (Image via Christopher Willard/ABC)

Season 14 of Shark Tank returned on ABC with its third episode featuring four new business pitches. Only two got deals, while the remaining left empty-handed.

Halloween Moments was one of the businesses that didn’t get any offers from the sharks. Founder Daryl Kay Braithwaite (who introduced himself as Big D) from Fairview, Texas, showcased his company’s product — a pumpkin carving scrapper. It looked like a glove with a scrapper/scooper shaped-material attached to the tip of the fingers.

Although the sharks liked the product, they were not convinced by the pitch to invest in it. They stated that being part of this business would be risky.

The panel of sharks included Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, and guest Shark Kendra Scott.

Halloween Moments on Shark Tank

Daryl was the first entrepreneur to enter the tank in Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 3. His business presentation included pouring the insides of a pumpkin on top of his head and smashing a few pumpkins. Despite forgetting his lines during the pitch, Daryl carried on with the presentation with full energy.

He came to the sharks with a deal of $300,000 of 10% equity in his company, Halloween Moments. He mentioned that his business was brand new and that they started in September 2021 and by December 2021, they had made sales worth $58,000. He further told the sharks that he has a partner who invested the most in the company, but Daryl owns 70% shares of the company.

The founder has invested a whopping $8,50,000 capital to build a pumpkin scrapper business. Sharks were shocked with the amount of investment, especially after learning that it was his part-time job. His full-time job is that of medical sales.

Although Daryl clarified that he invested only $20,000, the sharks were not ready to take such a big risk in investing into a company that had already put in a whopping capital, bought inventories, but has not sold all out.

Shark Mark Cuban stated that if something went wrong with Daryl’s business, the company would go down and it would be difficult to recover. All the sharks said, “Out,” and Halloween Moments didn’t get a deal in Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 3.

More details on Big D’s company


Big D’s Halloween Moments is a company that sells pumpkin carving scrapper gloves. Their classic kit includes one glove scrapper, a latex glove, a large carving knife and a small carving knife. The cost, as per the company’s website, is $14.99.

Daryl described the story behind creating a scrapper glove on Shark Tank. He stated that every Halloween his kids used to get excited to shop for pumpkins, but were not thrilled to scrape out the insides. At the end of the day, the family used to have a worried mother, crying kids and a dad trying to help with all the pumpkins. Eventually, Daryl decided to make a product that would make Halloween easy for all the families out there.

Explaining how the idea came to Daryl and his wife, Halloween Moments’ website reads:

“The sight and feel of the pumpkin’s sticky, slimy, cold, wet, goopy mess was enough to end the experience. The children were done and now it was left to us, Mom and Dad, to clean them out.”

It continued:

“We needed a change, we wanted our children to have the ‘whole experience’ of pumpkin carving and experience it in a fun, enjoyable way! Hence the invention and creation of the Pumpkin Glove Scraper and the #1 Pumpkin Cleaning & Carving Experience.”

Meanwhile, Daryl appeared on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 3 to get investors, but failed to convince sharks.

Shark Tank Season 14 airs new episodes every Friday on ABC at 8 pm ET.

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