"She lives a life of leisure and luxury": Lori Harvey's weight loss controversy explained as 1200 calorie diet sparks backlash 

Lori Harvey receives immense backlash after sharing weight loss tips (Image via loriharvey/Instagram)
Lori Harvey receives immense backlash after sharing weight loss tips (Image via loriharvey/Instagram)

Lori Harvey is receiving immense flack from netizens after she revealed her weight loss techniques. The model took to TikTok on May 13 and shared how she got rid of “relationship weight.”

She revealed that she lost 15 pounds within a few months after following a very strict regime, which has lead to internet users accusing her of promoting eating disorders.

One user in particular tweeted:

Imma piss some of y’all off but idc…Lori Harvey can do this because she doesn’t have a job. She lives a life of leisure and luxury of course she has the time to dedicate to do this.…

Lori Harvey slammed online after sharing weight loss journey

Lori Harvey has gained massive traction online since she began dating Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan. In a controversial TikTok, she claimed that her relationship caused her to gain weight and that it was “horrible.” Speaking about her weight loss journey, the 25-year-old revealed:

“So, when Mike and I got together, I gained like, 15 pounds of relationship weight. And it was horrible. None of my clothes fit…So, I’ve been consistently doing Pilates for like the last year. I’ve done it for a few years, but I’ve been really consistent the last year.”

The model revealed that she exercises almost daily and occasionally works out twice a day. Harvey added that her diet is strict and consists of meat and vegetables. She also spoke about how she has incorporated cardiovascular exercise along with pilates.

She said in the TikTok:

“When I was trying to drop weight, I was working out like five, six times a week and I would even do, like, for the first month and a half, I think I did two-a-days. So, what I would do was, I was in a calorie deficit, I think I was maybe consuming like 1200 calories in a day max and I wasn’t on like a specific eating regimen, I was just trying to do like meat and veggies and like minimal carbs.”

Along with running and pilates being added to her workout routine, she also shared that she goes hiking.


How the internet reacted to Lori Harvey’s weight loss journey

Harvey's TikTok has amassed over a million views across social media platforms. Several netizens were shocked to hear about her weight loss regimen. Internet users criticized the model for promoting eating disorders with her limited calorie intake. Reacting to her reveal, a few tweets read:

Lori Harvey getting on tiktok saying she ate 1200 calories a day & worked out twice a day just because she gained 15 pounds is 😵‍💫 I’m glad the comments have some sense in them though. weight loss culture is crazy
Lori Harvey doesn’t even have Lori Harvey’s body, she’s starving herself and over exercising and will go right back to how she was when she stops starving herself. Yo-yo-ing is worse for your body than staying one weight consistently, believe it or not…
Honestly I don’t want a Lori Harvey body if that’s what it takes. It’s really not that serious. You going into ED territory over 15 lbs?…
@tammieetc'am this sounds like an eating disorder plan
@tammieetc Oh she tryna have the girls passing out, walking around with headaches huh. Seeing double of everything? Girl no, BYE!
@tammieetc I stopped watching when she complained about 15 lbs
@tammieetc I rather go back to working out 3hrs a day then eat 1200 calories a day
@tammieetc This is really crazy. Fatphobia got y’all down bad. I work out 7days a week between training days, teaching pole, & performing. I have to eat 2500-2700 calories a day to maintain weight/help me gain muscle. I would literally die eating that little….
@tammieetc 1200 calories is what is recommended for 4-8 year old girls. This is not healthy. Especially working out twice a day

Lori Harvey responds to criticism

As the backlash against her mounted across social media platforms, Harvey responded to the criticism under the controversial TikTok video. She stressed on the fact that her diet was tailored to her body. She said:

“Before y’all start your s—t this is what worked for me and MY body. Everyone is different so tailor your needs to meet your goals.”

Lori Harvey’s weight came to attention after she stunned this year’s Met Gala with hard abs. The internet was stunned to see how much her body had changed.

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