What does IB mean on TikTok? Netizens use slang on platform to give credit to other creators

Creators on TikTok use the term IB to mention the inspiration behind the video (Image via TikTok/Sportskeeda)
Creators on TikTok use the term IB to mention the inspiration behind the video (Image via TikTok/Sportskeeda)

The term IB has recently appeared in numerous TikTok videos, leaving users perplexed about its meaning and significance. The short video platform has given rise to numerous acronyms and short forms that have found their way to other social media platforms.

Many popular codes like FYP, POV, PFP, etc., have originated from TikTok, which users later adopted on other apps. However, people not acquainted with the app's lingo may find themselves confused about its presence. This article will discuss the meaning of this latest viral acronym.

IB can mean two different things

Many viral trends originate from TikTok, ranging from dance challenges, memes, transition videos, etc. Acronyms help creators organize their videos to make it easier for users to find them.

Many trends originating from the app have no clear origin, while numerous others can be traced back to their original creators. The term IB helps users find creators that inspire a trend. The term is usually used as a short form for "inspired by".

It is used to give credit to the creator that started the trend featured in the video. It's not specific to only trends. It can also be used to tag creators that inspired the owner of the account to make the video.

It is sometimes replaced with the term "credit." The tradition of giving credits began with the dance community in the app. People started writing "dance credit" or DC to provide recognition to the person who came up with the routine.

IB, DC, or credit are interchangeable and appear in the video title/description in capitalized and non-capitalized forms. This is followed by the usernames of the creators that came up with the idea/dance used or shown in the video. Users can click on the username to watch the original TikTok that inspired the video.

The term has a second meaning, the short form for the International Baccalaureate class.

International Baccalaureate is a special course similar to AP or Advanced Placement. High school students take these courses to earn college credit before entering college.

The International Baccalaureate includes classes in six subjects, including language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, science, mathematics, and the arts. It also has an additional class called Theory of Knowledge.

The subjects are way above average high school difficulties, and students need to pass every subject to receive a diploma.

Course students make videos related to their life or the difficulty of the course and add the acronym IB in their description. Many of their videos are also POV videos, showcasing how much hard work a student has to do for their extra college credits.

The difference in the use of the term can be easily identified by looking at the video description and its content.

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