"She's literally drop dead gorgeous": Fans defend Natalia Dyer as TikTok surgeon's plastic surgery recommendation video sparks online backlash 

A plastic surgeon on TikTok shares what procedures Natalia Dyer should opt for (Image via np.miranda/TikTok)
A plastic surgeon on TikTok shares what procedures Natalia Dyer should opt for (Image via np.miranda/TikTok)

Social media is all praises for Natalia Dyer after TikTok plastic surgeon and practitioner Miranda Wilson shared a video on social media revealing what plastic surgery she would recommend to the actress. The video, which has since been deleted, received a lot of criticism as fans claimed that the actress was naturally beautiful and did not require plastic surgery.

@probablypersian she’s literally drop dead gorgeous😭I hate these kinds of tik toks

The video posted by the TikTok surgeon showed a photoshopped image of what Natalia would look like after she underwent the recommended procedures, and many commented that they believed Natalia Dyer didn't need any cosmetic work at all.

…i hate people. natalia dyer is absolutely stunning as she is.not everyone wants to look like a great value kardashian.…

A surgeon on TikTok suggests plastic surgery options for Natalia Dyer

In the video shared by Mirana Wilson, she is heard saying:

“Okay, guys. Let’s talk about Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things. First of all, she killed it in Stranger Things. So if I were Natalia’s injector, this is what I would do.”

Wilson then went on to list the cosmetic procedures she would recommend to the actress, such as chin filler, lip filler, a brow lift, and botox. She added:

“We’d start by treating those masseters to help slim the face. Next, I would actually add a bit of chin filler just to help fill out her chin. I would add just a little bit to the lips, and then we’d get in there and do a little bit of botox. I’d give her a nice brow lift to help open up her eyes.”

Once she was done suggesting the procedures, she also shared before and after images of the Stranger Things actress that revealed what she would look like after getting all of the recommended cosmetic work.

Fans defend Natalia Dyer after surgeon recommends botox and other cosmetic work

Fans were outraged upon coming across the video. Many claimed that these procedures would make the actress look unnatural. Others believed that she was already “drop dead gorgeous” and did not require any modifications.

One Twitter user commented:

“I could never be a celebrity because if someone made a video like this about me i would get violent.”
i could never be a celebrity because if someone made a video like this about me i would get violent

Others expressed that they were shocked upon seeing the results. One user tweeted:

“Omg I literally screamed at the reveal. horrifying. this woman must be trying to make everyone awful looking so she can be the hottest person on earth.”

A few jumped in to defend Natalia on social media:

that plastic surgeon on tik tok clearly have no idea what real beauty is because natalia dyer is GORGEOUS
this is actually brazy. like i cannot believe she influencerfied her face completely unprovoked as if it was a free consultation
Natalia Dyer is gorgeous just the way she is❤️
🎀 ;; // the audacity these mfs have wtf...anyways natalia dyer is BEAUTIFUL just look at her…
One thing they taught young me in advertising (before I left it) is that our job was to destroy self esteem. By targeting someone people hold as extremely beautiful, they are targeting your self esteem more than they are Natalia Dyer.
the way people demonize other people’s unique features like natalia dyer’s jaw like can we acknowledge that her uniqueness is a huge factor in her beauty? im tired of everyone being expected to look the exact same and being insulted for not fitting the mold
I hope Natalia dyer sues the hell out of her, simply for having the audacity…
I'm willing to bet a million dollars that the plastic surgeon listing all the changes she'd make to Natalia Dyer's face probably thinks Timothée Chalamet is perfect just the way he is.The problem usually isn't the features.It's just more acceptable for men to have them.
still can’t believe a plastic surgeon spoke on what she’d change about someone’s face without a) their consent, b) any indication that the person disliked those features + c) putting a disclaimer that the person is already beautiful as they are?natalia dyer should beat her ass.

Many raised their voices against doctors using a celebrity's picture for the purpose of marketing. Others believe that modern society expects all women to have similar facial features, and this seems to be leading to more people opting for injections and plastic surgeries.

Miranda Wilson has deleted the video after facing a lot of backlash. Netizens are demanding that the plastic surgeon apologizes for making the video.

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