“She’s the nasty one”: Vicki Gunvalson responds to Dorinda Medley’s snarky “cancer” comment 

Vicki Gunvalson responds to Dorinda Medley's cancer comment (Image via Instagram/vickigunvalson,dorindamedley)
Vicki Gunvalson responds to Dorinda Medley's cancer comment (Image via Instagram/vickigunvalson,dorindamedley)

One of the most popular housewives from the Bravo franchise, Vicki Gunvalson, has labeled fellow Bravolebrity Dorinda Medley "the nasty one" after the latter slammed her for "having no taste" and dating "people who pretend to have cancer." The comments come days after being called out by Dorinda on a podcast.

Dorinda Medley called fellow housewife out on the latest episode of her SiriusXM podcast, Make It Nice. While referencing Vicki's ex Brooks Ayers, who forged medical documents to make it look like he was a cancer patient at the City of Hope clinic, she threw a jibe that didn't sit well with the RHOC star.

Dorinda's comments came after her co-star slammed her “old” Blue Stone Manor home while discussing places to stay for Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club (RHUGT2).

RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson responds to Dorinda's Medley's "cancer comment"

After hearing what Dorinda Medley had to say about her on the podcast, Vicki Gunvalson took to Instagram to comment on a post about the comment and call out the RHONY star for the jibe thrown at her. She said:

"She's the nasty one...I've never said anything bad about her home. I said if it makes her happy, then good. I also said her house is in the middle of nowhere (truth) and its old (truth). Defensive much? Saying I don't have taste? That's a joke -- my taste is definitely different than hers AND she was horrible to most people who stayed there. It was miserable."

Dorinda Medley had called the reality star out on her Make it Nice podcast and threw some major shade while referencing the latter's ex to say:

“Like, you may not like my life, but I also don’t date people that pretend to have cancer, you know what I mean?”

Dorinda, 57, continued with her jibe at Vicki for the latter, dating Steve Lodge, who left her for his now-wife Janis Carlson. The star said:

“I also don’t date men that then leave you for women that are half their age. ou wanna get mean, I’ll get mean."

Vicki Gunvalson had criticized Dorinda's house while discussing places to stay when the duo was filming Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club (RHUGT2). However, the RHONY star acknowledged that her house might be old but was prestigious enough to be featured in the "Architectural Digest" and built by renowned architect Stanford White.

“Well, listen, this is a girl that thinks dancing on dirty tables in a bar at Puerto Vallarta [or] whatever that place is called is fun. So, I mean, you can’t really have people that don’t have taste understand taste. You have to have a taste level to understand a home like Blue Stone Manor, and you have to understand a lifestyle.”

The RHONY housewife confessed that regardless of what the RHOC star thought about her house, the latter should at least be respectful towards her:

“She was a guest in my house. So regardless of what she thinks, it just shows that she really has no real manners. I would never say anything bad about her house."

The reality star continued:

“It’s not my taste, but, you know, you, when you come as a guest to someone’s house, you be gracious. That’s what I think. And also too, you know, jealousy is a terrible thing.”


Ultimately, Dorinda believed that the RHOC star made such comments because she was unhappy and didn't like when other people were prospering in life. She concluded that Vicki had opened a "can of worms," and when asked on the podcast if this meant "war," she replied with a strong affirmation.

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club (RHUGT2) premieres on June 23 on Peacock.

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