Sheets Laundry Club on ‘Shark Tank’: How founder’s experience in military inspired a business venture

Founders of Sheets Laundry Club on 'Shark Tank' (Image via Christopher Willard/ ABC)
Founders of Sheets Laundry Club on 'Shark Tank' (Image via Christopher Willard/ ABC)
Sushmita Sen

Shark Tank Season 18 brings in several unique and interesting business deals in every episode. The upcoming Shark Tank Episode 10 will introduce a laundry product that helps save the earth.

Sheets Laundry Club is a company that makes eco-friendly and plastic-free alternatives to regular laundry detergents. These sheets contain cleaning ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin and do not pollute the planet with plastic or any harmful chemicals.

The entrepreneurs are from Charlotte, North Carolina, and will be the first contestants on Shark Tank Episode 10. The synopsis mentions the business deal as:

“[The founders are] committed to giving back to the planet with their innovative cleaning alternative for every household.”

Here’s how Sheets Laundry Club started

The co-founders of the Sheets Laundry Club are Chris Videau and Chris Campbell. Videau and his wife Laurian served in the military for over 27 years and as such, had first-hand experience of the global plastic crisis in the United States.

As Videau became aware of plastic polluting the ocean, he shared the idea of doing something about it with Campbell at their sons’ t-ball game. The duo soon started a small business, Sheets Laundry Club, in a garage. Now, their team has grown from two to 13 members and Videau’s wife Laurian is the company's customer support hero.

Sheets Laundry Club’s website mentions the founders’ vision. It reads:

“Over the last few years, we’ve had the privilege of building an incredibly reliable, diligent team whose primary focus is simple – To provide quality products that not only improve the lives of our customers on a personal level, but on a global scale. We want to change the world and save our planet, whilst saving our clients time and money (and space in their laundry room!).”

What is the cost of Sheets Laundry Club products?

The products are cost-effective as one sheet is enough for a load of laundry. One can buy the product from either the company’s website or Amazon.

The cost of 50 pack (one box) of sheets is $19.99, four boxes is $74.99, and eight boxes is $139.99. For subscribers, the price drops to $13.99 for one box. You can also choose the scent while ordering online.

The company also sells dryer sheets, scent boosters, stain fighter packs, liquid soap starter, floor cleaner sheets, dishwasher detergent, coconut scrubbers, deodorant and soaps.

When will ‘Shark Tank’ Episode 10 air?


The upcoming episode of Shark Tank Season 18 will air on Friday, November 19, at 8:00 pm (ET) on ABC.

It will be the 10th episode of this season, and will also feature three more business deals, including Love & Pebble, Pink Picasso and Zach & Zoe.

Shark Tank Episode 10 will be judged by the regular sharks: Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John.

Guest shark Daniel Lubetzky will return for the latest episode of Shark Tank.

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