"Oops sam said his GF": Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans shocked as Sam Logan accidently calls Juliette his girlfriend 

Sam is stuck between Jordana, Juliette and Meghan (Images via sam_jlo and meghan.bischoff/ Instagram)
Sam is stuck between Jordana, Juliette and Meghan (Images via sam_jlo and meghan.bischoff/ Instagram)

Season 5 episode 1 of Siesta Key: Miami Moves saw Juliette throw a launch party for her bathing suit company and her co-stars were also invited, including her ex-boyfriend Sam Logan. Sam's current girlfriend Meghan also accompanied him and was concerned about him spending time with Jordana, his friend of 12 years.

Meghan told Sam not to hang out with Jordana much as it was weird for him to live with her and do business together. Sam was also paying for Jordana's BBL surgery, which raised Meghan's concerns. Sam tried to defend himself but accidentally said that he was just sitting at his girlfriend's launch party.

Meghan was shocked by his mistake and asked him to figure his stuff out within a month, or she would be gone. Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans were also shocked by the mistake and felt that the situation was very messy. They wondered if Sam had feelings for Juliette or was planning to cheat on Meghan with Jordana.

Oops sam said his GF. 😬 #siestakey

Sam dated Juliette for two years. The couple broke up because of their different lifestyles and are currently dating other people. After moving to Miami, Sam decided to offer Jordana his place to stay with the proposition that she would do some household work and watch the dogs. He also funded Juliette's business and offered to pay for her plastic surgery.

Meghan was concerned about Sam's connection with Juliette in the previous season after he canceled a trip to be with his ex. She was now insecure about her boyfriend not giving her any commitment and was paying for another girl's plastic surgery.

She was angry at Sam for calling Juliette his girlfriend. Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans took to Twitter to slam Sam for making the situation awkward and messy and felt that he might be cheating on Meghan:

Sam To Meghan: I’m at my girlfriends launch… Everyone: 😵 #SiestaKey
Sam is still referencing Juliette as his girlfriend while speaking to his “current” girlfriend while talking to Jordana who’s looking like a fool who wants to be his girlfriend #SiestaKey
Sam:’I’m here at my girlfriend’s launch party…’Meghan:… #siestakey
it seems like sam is still in love with jules, and megan is just a filler. she is so bland though so i get him not wanting to commit. #SiestaKey
It's okay to be generous and giving, but when you have a girlfriend, don't always treat the other female friend more than your own girlfriend. #SiestaKey
Idk how is Jordana is going to deal with Sam girlfriend Megan living with him #siestakey
Why does Meghan keep getting in the middle of Sam and Jordana’s relationship? 😂#SiestaKey
Sam definitely still seems in love with Juliette #SiestaKey
Sam cheats on Meghan with Jordana!!!! Jordana:…#siestakey

What happened on Siesta Key: Miami Moves season 5 episode 1?

Juliette moved to Miami to grow her business and felt like a small fish in a big pond. Her boyfriend Clark did not want to come in front of the cameras, which was new territory for him. She decided to throw a lunch party for her bathing suit brand but did not spend much.

Sam did not like the party decorations and said he did not even want to come. Amanda was sick so she did not attend the party. Chloe was angry at Juliette for not coming to her party in the previous season, and felt that the latter used her whenever she wanted.

The episode description reads:

"Ready to take on Miami, Juliette leaps into this new world, but finds herself feeling alienated from Chloe and Amanda. Sam and Jordana's complex relationship is questioned. Brandon feels the pressure to take the next step."

At the party, things were awkward between her and Juliette. Chloe later confessed to Juliette that she was angry at her but did not reveal why. She later sent Juliette a passive-aggressive voice note about her not hanging out with her friends and said that she might lose her loved ones because she was so focused on herself.

Siesta Key: Miami Moves airs every Thursday on MTV at 8 pm ET.

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