Who is Meghan Bischoff? Relationship with Sam Long explored ahead of her appearance on Siesta Key: Miami Moves 2022

Meghan Bischoff is a social media influencer (Images via meghan.bischoff/ Instagram)
Meghan Bischoff is a social media influencer. (images via meghan.bischoff/Instagram)

22-year-old Meghan Bischoff will soon be seen on the new season of Siesta Key: Miami Moves. Viewers will witness her being caught in a love triangle with Sam Long and his friend Jordana after her short-term rebound relationship with the former.

The popular Miami-based model and influencer will also be seen forming a connection with Clark and asking Sam to make up his mind about who to date. She was not seen much in season 4b of Siesta Key but will have an important role in season 5.

Siesta Key: Miami Moves contestant Meghan Bischoff is currently building her clothing brand

Meghan Bischoff is a model and influencer who takes inspiration from social media personalities like Olivia Jordan and Alexis Ren. Meghan used to participate in pageantry competitions as a teenager. She has competed in Miss Naples Teen USA 2017 and Miss Florida Teen USA 2016. She is currently building her own clothing brand, 'Muse by Meg.'

Meghan went to Oasis High School and graduated in May 2018. She recently opened up about being an influencer and told StarNGage:

"I love being able to make an impact in some way. If my opinions, views, and pictures can help you in some way, it makes my day."

Meghan has also been working as a sales expert for The Arsenale since February 2020. She is a college dropout and moved to Miami with $8000 in her account at a young age.

Meghan Bischoff and Sam Long began dating in 2021

Sam Long began dating his friend Meghan Bischoff after his break-up with Juliette in 2021. Meghan was seen imitating Sam's ex at a party and the couple flooded their social media accounts with many photos of each other, presumably to make Juliette jealous.

Just as the happy couple was about to leave for Hawaii, Juliette texted Sam to hang out with her. This prompted Sam to get rid of all of Meghan's things from his house, including his mattress, which he threw away and ordered a new one worth $200,000.

After ending things abruptly, Sam started dating Juliette and Meghan blocked him on social media. The relationship did not last long and Juliette broke up with him because they were "not connecting" with each other. She is currently in a relationship with Clark Drum.

As hinted by Siesta Key: Miami Moves trailer, Sam Long will once again be caught in a love triangle between Meghan and his good friend Jordana.

What to expect from Siesta Key: Miami Moves season 5?

This season of Siesta Key: Miami Moves will feature the original Siesta Key cast moving to Miami with some new characters entering their lives. Meghan will appear on the show and will not just be involved with Sam but with Juliette's partner Clark as well.

In the trailer, Juliette asks Meghan about the situation, but Meghan says that Clark wanted to talk to her. The show will also feature Sam's 31st birthday party on July 3 when he was seen getting intimate with his friend Jordana. Right after the incident, Meghan posted on Instagram that she would be sending Jordana some therapist recommendations because of everything Sam would put her through.

The new season of Siesta Key: Miami Moves will premiere on MTV on Monday, September 27 at 8 pm ET. Fans can also watch the show on Paramount + one day after the television premiere.

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