Siesta Key: Miami Moves 2022 (season 5) cast list: Juliette Porter, Sam Logan, and others to return to the MTV show 

Siesta Key cast returns for Season 5
Siesta Key cast returns for Season 5 (Image via MTV)

The cast of Siesta Key returns for a brand new season with new life adventures ahead of them. Season 5 of the popular series has a brand new name, Siesta Key: Miami Moves, and will document the cast members embarking on a new journey moving to Miami, Florida. They will navigate personal relationships, professional commitments, and indulge in drama with fellow members.

The new Siesta Key season is set to air later this month and will have veterans and new cast members navigate “new career pressures and aggressive competition” in a brand-new city. The reality series has been extremely popular amongst viewers who have been hooked to their television screens and following the journey of their favorite celebrities for the past four seasons.

According to a press release by the show on Thursday, October 6, 2022,

"Siesta Key: Miami Moves introduces another exciting season in a brand new location. As life in Siesta Key gives way to high energy in multicultural Miami, we see our cast grow up and greet their adult lives and the pressures that come with it. Once big fish in a small pond, we’ll watch these young adults as they become much smaller fish in a far larger pond.”

Keep reading to find out which cast members are making the cut on the new season.

Siesta Key: Miami Moves will see veteran cast members Juliette Porter, Madisson Hausburg, Amanda Miller, Chloe Trautman, and more relocate from Sarasota County, Florida, to Miami for various reasons.

Viewers, however, will be fed drama as the cast encounters issues within the friends group and family members as well as aiming to strike their career goals in a new city.

In a trailer released by the show on their social media handles, Juliette Porter says:

“We wanted to take our dreams out of Siesta Key and chase them in Miami. My business has never been hotter and my relationship [with boyfriend Clark Drum] has never been stronger, but with Sam [Logan] and Jordana [Barnes]? It’s complicated.”

She further says:

"“To make it in Miami, you have to turn up...Miami, we’re coming for you!”

Check out the cast list below.

1) Juliette Porter

Juliette Porter has outgrown Siesta Key and plans to extend her swimwear line in Miami. On the season 3 finale episode, she was seen having a launch party for her brand JMP: The Label. The season will also see the events leading to her break-up with Sam Logan.

2) Chloe Trautman

Chloe and her husband Chris Long are ready to start their married life and settle into a completely new city. The duo were living together for a long time and now that they are married, viewers will have to find out what's in store for them.

3) Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller will be seen graduating from college and entering her adulthood, where she will be faced with the real dynamics of life.

4) Brandon Gomes

Brandon Gomes hopes to take his music career to Miami and also hopes to raise his son Quincy in a co-parenting situation with Delainey Shae.

5) Sam Logan

Sam Logan invites close friend Jordana Barnes to move with him to a luxurious mansion in Miami. But will that be the cause of further problems for the former? Only time will tell.

6) Jordana Barnes

Jordana Barnes adjusts to the new lifestyle in Miami. Will she move in with Sam? Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

7) Cara

Cara spends time with her pal Jordara as they plan their lives in Miami on Siesta Key: Miami Moves.

8) Maddison Hausburg

In the trailer, Maddison is seen talking about a publisher showing interest in her prospective children's book, which she would dedicate to her stillborn child, Elliot. She and husband Ish Soto announced in December 2021 that they had suffered a pregnancy loss.

Will the cast members be able to move further in their careers and establish new goals? Will they sort out impending differences amongst themselves or will they become enablers for new issues?

Catch up on all the drama as Siesta Key returns for a fifth season on October 27, 2022 on MTV.

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