"Feeling some strange vibes": Siesta Key fans are skeptical about Chloe Trautman's relationship with Chris Long

Chloe Trautman's boyfriend asks her to move in with him (Image via chloe.long/Instagram)
Chloe Trautman's boyfriend asks her to move in with him (Image via chloe.long/Instagram)

Siesta Key is back with another dramatic episode on MTV. The series saw some big dynamic shifts between the cast members. This season, some great relationships were formed, while others took a turn for the worse. This week's episode saw some good doses of drama packed into its one-hour time frame.

MTV's hit series Siesta Key documents the journey of a few young adults trying to navigate their way through life, focused on juggling between relationships, personal and professional commitments, and the longing to live a fulfilled life. The cast includes Juliette Porter, Sam Logan, Kelsey Owens, Chloe Trautman, Amanda Miller, Brandon Gomes, Garrett Miller, Alex Kompothecras, and Madisson Hausburg.

Fans react to Siesta Key star Chloe potentially moving in with her boyfriend

As part of Chloe's birthday, her boyfriend Chris prepared a good spa session for her. After the session, both sat down to relax, but not for long. He soon popped a question that she didn't see coming.

Chris asked his girlfriend to move in with her, and this took the star by surprise. She revealed that she promised herself after her experience with her previous relationship that she wasn't going to move in with anyone unless there was some form of formal and serious commitment.

Here's what fans had to say:

Relationship dynamics explored on Siesta Key

A lot has taken place in Season 4 of Siesta Key. While some friendships and relationships have blossomed, others need a little mending and no amount of advice seems to work. However, the series is all about documenting the contestants as they navigate through these issues.

The official synopsis of Episode 20, titled Was Living a Lie with Him, reads:

"Juliette's friends disapprove of her getting back with Sam, and she has to make a difficult decision. Sam and Chloe have conflicting ideas about what's best for Juliette. Chloe contemplates taking the next big step with Chris."

Last week's Siesta Key episode got viewers excited by laying out the possibility of Juliette and Sam getting back together. However, what was witnessed was the duo still figuring out their issues and confronting the reality of what transpired over the past few weeks in an attempt to make an informed decision.

Sam's friend Mike created chaos at the cast party last week when he "accidentally" filmed both his friend and Juliette getting intimate and uploaded it on social media. Both Mike and Juliette didn't see eye-to-eye about where their relationship stood, and that resulted in some issues they had to deal with.

Meanwhile, Brandon is still trying to make time to bond with his son while focusing on his professional career. Last week, Brandon and his ex Delainey addressed the former's priorities. The star made it clear that although his son came first, he would not give up his career to spend time with him.

Madisson is preparing for her wedding and talks to her parents about the budget crossing the initial calculations because of a flower arrangement, an issue that they weren't on board with. Garrett is trying to figure out where he stands in his relationship with his girlfriend Kenna.

As viewers get deeper into the Siesta Key season, more issues come to the surface and create tension. Will Juliette prioritize herself over her relationship with Sam? Will Brandon and Delainey work through the issues surrounding their son's custody? Will Chloe move in with her boyfriend?

Readers can get these questions answered on MTV's Siesta Key on Thursday at 9.00 pm ET.

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