"The man has to work": Fans react to Delainey Shae questioning Brandon Gomes' priorities on Siesta Key 

Siesta Key star Brandon Gomes struggles to get some alone time with his son (Image via _brandongomes/Instagram)
Siesta Key star Brandon Gomes struggles to get some alone time with his son (Image via _brandongomes/Instagram)

MTV's Siesta Key is back with a brand new episode. The show is seeing some surprises on its way to this week's episode, including rumors that Juliette and Sam may be getting back together.

Brandon is already struggling to get some alone time with his son, Quincy.

Siesta Key, a reality television show set in Sarasota County, made a strong comeback this season. The series follows “a group of young adults as they navigate friendships, relationships, careers, breakups, and makeups in their beachside hometown in Florida.”

The show's popularity has turned the Siesta Key cast into famous stars. The list includes Juliette Porter, Alex Kompothecras, Madisson Hausburg, Brandon Gomes, Kelsey Owens, Garrett Miller, Chloe Trautman, Amanda Miller, and Sam Logan.

Fans react to Siesta Key star Brandon struggling to get time with his son

This week's episode saw Brandon and his ex address their priorities. Brandon got his son for the weekend but confessed that he had engagements in Los Angeles next weekend and wouldn't be able to spend time with Quincy. This caused Delainey to question his priorities.

However, Brandon asked her not to make him choose between having a career and spending time with their son. Although the latter was his first priority, he was not ready to give up his career either.

Read on to find out what Siesta Key fans have to say about the same:

What to expect from this episode of Siesta Key?

Episode 19 of Siesta Key aired on Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 9.00 pm ET on MTV. The episode will see relationship dynamics change and many conversations will take place. As hinted at in the promo, viewers will see Juliette and Sam hanging out together. Whether they are back together or not is something that fans will have to wait for the duo to confirm on the show.

The official synopsis of the episode, titled Stop Videotaping, reads:

"Juliette is hesitant about rekindling things with Sam; Brandon juggles his son, career, Delainey, and a new relationship; Lexie is stuck in the middle of supporting her best friend, Juliette and her boyfriend's best friend, Sam."

Juliette is very keen on rekindling things with Sam, but the latter does not have a lot to say about the same. She ponders on whether or not she should get back together with him as she cannot forget the things her ex-boyfriend did after they broke up.

Tensions have always been on the rise since the duo started having differences. Juliette took some time from Sam and went on a trip to Paris to move on from her relationship. However, she soon saw him post pictures dating another girl, which left her feeling dejected.

This tumultuous relationship has also created issues within the group. Lexie is finding it troublesome to pick sides between the two. Juliette also confronted Jordana last week, expressing her disappointment over the latter's pictures with her ex-boyfriend.

In other news, Brandon is having a tough time juggling different aspects of his life. The 27-year-old has a baby boy and is trying to get custody of his son (who he shares with Delainey). She does not want him to spend a lot of time with their son, something the star is not accepting of. He has also started dating a new girl and is trying to make that work alongside other issues in his life.

Will Juliette choose to prioritize herself or mend her relationship with Sam? Will Lexie finally be free from choosing sides? Readers can get the answers to these questions by tuning in to Siesta Key every week on Thursday at 9.00 pm ET on MTV.

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