Why are Siesta Key fans slamming Jordana Barnes online in Episode 18?

The cast of Siesta Key (Image via siestakey/Instagram)
The cast of Siesta Key (Image via siestakey/Instagram)

Siesta Key aired a new episode of Season 4 tonight, April 14. The episode titled, Stop Texting Me, Stop Calling Me, showed Juliette Porter returning from Paris and Brandon Gomes discussing his custody battle with his mother.

Jordana Barnes tried to ruin Sam Logan and Meghan Bischoff's relationship by telling her that Sam still wanted to be with Juliette and was begging for her to come back. Meghan discussed this with Sam and it turned out that Jordana was lying.

Siesta Key follows some young adults who are in their mid 20s and are facing issues of love, heartbreak, class, and looming adulthood in their sun-drenched hometown.

Siesta Key fans feel Jordana is trying to sabotage Sam's love life

Tonight, on Siesta Key, fans saw that Meghan was still living with Sam. Sam had recently broken up with Juliette and his friends felt that maybe he was moving on too fast, but his friend Jordana was very possessive about him.

Going as far as to accuse Sam in front of her, that he was still in touch with Juliette and begging her to return home from Paris, fans were very upset and felt that Jordana was trying to break up Meghan and Sam.

In a recent Instagram post, Juliette revealed that Jordana had started living with Sam in his house, confirming fan's suspicions.

Other things that happened on Siesta Key tonight

On today's episode of Siesta Key, fans saw Meghan returning home after spending a long time with Sam after his recent break-up. She revealed that her friends are concerened about her, as she had not been home for a very long time.

Makenna Quesenberry, known as Kenna, and Garrett Miller felt that others were not taking their relationship seriously.

Brandon met his mother tonight and confessed to her that he was worried about his child's custody. He had a conversation with his child's mother, Delainey Shae, and revealed his desire to spend more time with his child. The two decided to get the lawyers involved in the custody battle.

Juliette returned from Paris and confronted Jordana about posting stories about Sam's new girlfriend while she was on vacation. She felt that it was 'rude.' She said,

"I don't know if you were that insensitive to do that."

Juliette was seen remembering Sam and thinking about their good times together.

In the next episode, fans will see Juliette hesistate about trying to get back together with Sam. Brandon will face time issues as he tries to juggle four things together - his son, his career, Delainey, and a new relationship. Lexie Salameh will get caught up between supporting Juliette and Sam.

Viewers can watch new episodes of the show on Thursdays on MTV at 9 PM. Fans can also watch the show on Philo or FuboTV.

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