Siesta Key: Miami Moves episode 4: Sophie reveals that Clark did indeed flirt with Meghan

Did Clark cheat on Juliette? (Images via meghan.bischoff and julietteporter/ Instagram)
Did Clark cheat on Juliette? (Images via meghan.bischoff and julietteporter/ Instagram)

Tonight on Siesta Key: Miami Moves (season 5, episode 4), Juliette was hit by a stunning revelation about her boyfriend of more than eight months, Clark. A cast member, Meghan, had told her friends that Clark had flirted with her at a yacht party. Juliette did not believe Meghan and fought with her.

Clark also denied the allegations, and Juliette subsequently asked him to block Meghan. Sophie, Juliette's friend from college, had witnessed the entire incident. Meghan revealed that it was Sophie who came up to her and asked if Meghan was flirting with Clark.

Sophie went on to elaborate to Juliette that Clark was dancing with Meghan with his arm around her, which Juliette felt was not weird. She tried to brush it off, but Sophie insisted that he was up to something sketchy. Sophie also accused Clark of trying to get Meghan drunk.

Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans were shocked by these revelations and urged Clark to be truthful to Juliette.

Clark needs to come clean, because he has some explaining to do. #SiestaKey

Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans finally know why Clark did not want to come in front of the cameras

Clark has consistently told Juliette that he does not want to be a part of the show and would rarely make an appearance in front of the cameras. Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans felt that Clark wanted to flirt openly with girls without facing any consequences, so he refused to shoot for the show.

Fans also slammed Meghan for flirting back with Clark.

See Clark now it makes sense why you didn’t want to film. You wanted to be a Man whore freely😂😂😂 #SiestaKey
So that’s why Clark don’t want to be on camera #SiestaKey
Wait… WHAT?? So they were flirting with each other?? #SiestaKey
Well Meghan wanted to be like Juliette all this time so she can go scoop up Clark too at this point #SiestaKey
So Megan is do what she saying Jordana is doing to her to @juliettep0rter and I’m starting to feel like sis just wanted to get on the show cause now look what going on #siestakey

Recap of Siesta Key: Miami Moves season 5, episode 4

This week on Siesta Key: Miami Moves, Amanda told Lexie that she and Mike had flirted with each other at a party. Mike encountered a rumor about Lexie cheating on her and told his friends that he could now openly cheat on Lexie.

Juliette finally got back together with her friends but did warn them that she would not be able to spend time with them because of a business festival. Additionally, Juliette's friends asked her to find out the complete truth about the whole Clark situation.

The description of the episode reads:

"Juliette seeks the truth regarding Meghan's rumour that Clark flirts with her. Sam and Jordana are forced to deal with the aftermath of their scandalous k**s. Lexie and Mike's relationship crumbles as gossip about inappropriate behaviour emerges."

Sam said he was not sorry about getting intimate with Jordana, but it would falsely prove Meghan's claims that Sam was always sleeping with Jordana. Jordana met Meghan over lunch and apologized to her for the entire situation. Jordana also stated that Meghan tried to kick her out of Sam's house.

She tried to convince Meghan that nothing had happened between her and Sam. Jordana also agreed to take a polygraph test to convince Meghan. Meghan felt that both Sam and Jordana made her look like a fool. She told her friends that Sam had hurt her a million times, but she did not expect this behavior from Jordana.

Siesta Key: Miami Moves airs on MTV every Thursday at 8 pm ET.

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