Siesta Key: Mike slammed by fans for calling Juliette pathetic and weak

Juliette Porter and Mike Vazquez (Image via Instagram/@julietteporter @mikeavaz)
Juliette Porter and Mike Vazquez (Image via Instagram/@julietteporter @mikeavaz)

Siesta Key returned for another action-packed episode on Thursday night. Living up to its reputation of being overly dramatic, viewers got to witness some intense confrontations. While Meghan's return was the decisive moment in the episode, it ended with a heated argument between Juliette and Mike.

Juliette decided to confront Mike regarding his behavior towards her by calling him out for being disrespectful to her. But Mike was unbothered by her words and instead called her pathetic and weak.

Fans who watched the argument unfurl slammed him for being rude.

Here's what happened on Thursday night's episode of Siesta Key

Thursday night's episode of Siesta Key aired a confrontation between Juliette and Meghan regarding her relationship with Sam. After the argument, Mike was seen supporting Meghan, which didn't sit well with Chloe and Juliette. Chloe was quick to jump to Juliette's defense when Mike said that the Siesta Key star had no self-respect.

Mike didn't stop there, and he went on to add that there is not much difference between Juliette and the Miami model. He said,

"She (Chloe) said Meghan had no shame for dating Sam, and you did the same thing the week after."

Juliette quickly replied to Mike for his statement, saying that she had dated Sam for two years. She also shared that she's trying hard to move on and be happy but was being continually pulled down by Mike.

The argument didn't end there, and the two Siesta Key stars later met up after the pool party. Juliette claimed that when Sam and she broke up, Mike uploaded a video of Sam with other girls saying that Juliette had been replaced.

That's not it. Mike had also recorded Juliette and Sam at a party after they had broken up. Mike uploaded the video on social media despite knowing that Juliette didn't want anyone to know that the couple was trying to make things work.

Mike was quick to clap back at Juliette, saying that she was embarrassed and that's why she didn't want anyone to know. He said,

"You're embarrassed because you felt pathetic for the fact that you came back to somebody after they were with a girl in front of your face and you didn't want anybody to judge. Because everybody would say, Oh! Look at Juliette, she hadn't learned her lesson from her last relationship."

Mike continued to add that Juliette only thinks about what other people think about her relationship. He also said that she was weak because she didn't want to get back with Sam.

Fans slam Mike for being disrespectful to Juliette

Mike's reputation this season has been poor from the get-go. While fans were not happy with his behavior, it only got worse after this week's episode of Siesta Key.

Taking to Twitter, fans criticized Mike for his behavior towards Juliette, sharing that he was disrespectful to her. They also added that he was rude in calling her pathetic and weak.

More drama will unfold on Siesta Key when the series returns next week.

Siesta Key airs every Thursday night only on MTV. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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