"Spice saw right through it": LHHATL fans react to Spice and Bambi's feud in season 11 episode 13

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Spice and Erica's fight in the recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) was the subject of discussion in episode 13 of the ongoing reality show. The latest episode aired on September 5, 2023 on MTV and featured Spice, Erica Mena, Bambi, Rasheeda, Yandy, Erica Banks, Jessica White, and Amy Luciani.

Since Erica was only recently fired from the show, she will appear in the upcoming episodes as filming took place a few months ago. In episode 12, Spice and Erica were embroiled in a fight, during which Erica made a racial comment. Following this, the feud was discussed at the table when cast members were having dinner together in episode 13.

Bambi explained that since Erica is busy with her work, Eric and Bambi haven't had a chance to talk about their current situation. During her speech, she brought up how she knew Spice had said something out of line to Erica. In a confessional, Spice revealed that Bambi is lying and that Erica talks to Bambi about everything that happens.

During the dinner conversation on LHHATL episode 13, Bambi gave reasons for not being able to discuss the feud with Erica, while Spice called Erica "fake." The description of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) season 11 episode 13 reveals:

"Spice and Erica Mena's explosive fight leaves everyone shook; Erica's memory of the events comes into question, leaving friends divided; Kirk surprises Rasheeda and the group with a Bahamian adventure; but the salty air brings on a Menacing mood."

After this, LHHATL fans have been constantly expressing their opinions on the recent developments, calling out Bambi and mentioning that they don't trust what she says. In some cases, fans even expressed anger over the feud and the racial comments.

Spice and Erica's feud on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) season 11

As the conversation between Spice and Bambi progressed, the two began trash-talking each other. During the latest episode of LHHATL, Bambi was seen discussing how she had a conversation with Erica, but she didn't mention that she used a racial remark. In addition, Bambi explained that she does not know who to trust at this point in time.

In episode 12 of the show, Spice and Erica got into a fight, where Spice mentioned that Erica's son doesn't like her. Enraged at the comment, Erica flipped the table on Spice and made comments about Spice's past health issues. Additionally, Erica Mena called Spice a "blue m*nkey" and lashed out at her:

“This woman was given a second chance at life by God and here she is choosing to use that second chance at life to come at me and my son which just speaks volumes about who she is. That b**ch should have died. You want to mention my kids. You m*nkey, you f***ing blue m*nkey.”

The Erica and Spice situation was briefly discussed by Rasheeda, Kirk, Yandy, and Mendeecees during episode 13 of the show. Some cast members showed their disappointment and anger toward Erica's racial comments, while others mentioned how they couldn't believe she would say something like that.

Apart from this, fans have been constantly sharing their reactions to Bambi and Spice's fight during episode 13:

Fans can watch the upcoming episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) season 11 on MTV on September 23.

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