"Still obsessed": Tana Mongeau joins fans in defending Nessa Barrett over Mads Lewis' "friends for clout" accusation

Mads Lewis accuses Nessa Barrett of being a clout chaser (Image via Instagram/madslewis and nessabarrett)
Mads Lewis accuses Nessa Barrett of being a clout chaser (Image via Instagram/madslewis and nessabarrett)

The drama between TikTokers Nessa Barrett and Mads Lewis continues to grow online as the latter claims that Barrett is friends with other people for "clout." The 19-year-old made the accusation on the reality series Famous, Like Me, leaving netizens exasperated.

The social media influencer claimed that her former friends gave her dirty looks and also called her the “drama,” following the love triangle debacle between her, Barrett and Jaden Hossler. In an interview clip on the show, she said:

“Anything you do on social media, people like to turn it into something it’s not. They’re like, 'Notice how everyone was friends with Mads and they’re just not friends with Mads anymore, they’re all friends with Nessa.' All these people that are friends with Nessa want to be friends with Nessa because she might be clouting with Justin Bieber cause they want to be backstage at the concert.”

She continued:

“It pisses me off! It makes me so f**king mad. Nobody knows anything. I’ve been on social media for eight f**king years, and I’ve just seen so many people go up, go down, go up, go down, be friends, not friends. Why are you not friends? 'Oh, because I took all their clout, and I don’t need it anymore.'”

Netizens drag Mads Lewis on social media

As the clip continued to circulate online, fans of Barrett defended her tirelessly. They also expressed irritation about Lewis bringing up age old drama. A few tweets read:

mads lewis rushing to call up the producers to quickly edit all the other scenes where she speaks on nessa and jaden
the amount of disrespect nessa has taken it and still manages to to keep it classy is really admirable. you need to have a rly big heart to take it all in & keep quiet with your truth . Since the from the day mads have shaded her nessa hasn’t even reciprocated 1% energy back.
can someone tell me why is mads still obsessed with jaden and nessa? i mean i get it’s bad what they did but why is she trying to get clout over the situation again…girl bye
I FIND IT SO FUNNY how she talks so much on jaden and nessa saying that THEY are the are the drama when they haven’t said A WORD abt you on social media in forever. mads you sound dumb ash
I'm tired of mads, she's so fucking annoying but the good thing about her obsession is that she's making nessa look better every time she talks about her bc it shows how obsessed she is.
im sorry but why is mads still bringing up nessa when she’s done nothing to provoke her 😭 like why is this mads vs nessa thing still a subject… move on???
mads need to accept whatever that is going on right now , whats the point mentioning nessa and jaden names everywhere 😭😭😭 im so madd and idk whyy like … is her intention to make people throwing hate on naden 😭😭😭
it seems like mads lewis has no creer outside of the “drama” that happened almost a year ago…girly stop humiliating urself it’s hard to watch. i promise nessa does not care
mads lewis non stop talks about nessa is kinda embarrassing like if u want to be the bigger person then move on, losing all ur friends a click at a time maybe she should start seeing who the actual problem is
why does mads care so much like damn nessa & jaden just out here living their best life

Tana Mongeau and Nessa Barrett respond to viral clip

As the clip went viral on Instagram, YouTuber Tana Mongeau opined on the same. She wrote under a TikTok Insiders Instagram post:

“Nessa isn’t friends with people for clout. She’s the sweetest and best friend to those around her. There’s a lot that went on that if people knew they’d undoubtedly side with her.”

Mongeau added that Barret “chooses to take the high road.” She also said that she wished “mads would quit this” as she knew the truth behind the entanglement.

Barrett also took to her TikTok account, posting a video with Hossler. The video’s caption read, “lol idk if I can hold this shit in anymore yall.”

It remains unclear whether it was a direct response to Mads Lewis’ statement, but fans predict the same.

TikTokers’ love triangle explained


Prior to Barrett dating Hossler, the latter was in a relationship with Mads Lewis. However, Barrett and Hossler got closer while recording their song La Di Die.

In the following months, Lewis unfollowed Hossler on Instagram and the latter started dating Barrett.

Mads Lewis also threw shade at the 19-year-old on Twitter, however Barrett had not spoken publicly about the situation amongst the three.

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