Stoney Clover Lane x Target: Prices, products, and everything to know about the limited-edition lifestyle collection 

Stoney Clover Lane's new spring collection with Target hits stores on April 2 (Image via Target)
Stoney Clover Lane's new spring collection with Target hits stores on April 2 (Image via Target)

Stoney Clover Lane's brand new designer collaboration with Target will leave you awe-struck with its affordable price tags. The bright and youthful limited-edition lifestyle collection embodies the effervescence of spring.

The former is branching out from its signature customisable accessories to launch over 300 pieces of apparel, swimwear, travel accessories, beauty essentials, outdoor items, and more.

The collection will hit Target stores and go live on Target's website from April 2, until supplies last.

Target already had its eyes on Stoney Clover Lane for a unique collaboration

Greetings from #StoneyCloverLanexTarget, a limited time collection you can mix, match + personalize for every adventure. Shop it exclusively at Target on 4/2

Jill Sando, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at Target, said in a press release,

“We know our guests are increasingly looking for unique ways to show off their personal style, and Stoney Clover Lane is a brand we’ve had our eye on for a while, since they are known for their customizable pieces.”

She applauded their partner's brand-imaging and customer loyalty, saying,

“We’ve admired how the brand has created such a highly recognizable aesthetic with a deeply engaged audience and know our guests will love finding Stoney Clover Lane at Target, just in time to show off their individual style for spring.”

During the development of this new collaboration, the creators actively highlighted the accessory brand's core vision of personalization and customization. With individual patches and design kits, customers can modify and uniquely tailor the products to their liking.

Branching out from travel accessories

Stoney Clover Lane's travel accessories allow customization to celebrate individuality (Image via Target)
Stoney Clover Lane's travel accessories allow customization to celebrate individuality (Image via Target)

Considering the accessory company's usual penchant for glamor and luxury in their previous collaborations that retailed for up to $308.00, netizens were pleasantly surprised at how affordable the new designer collection is.

Stoney Clover Lane x Target is actually affordable 😲
confused why every single person isnt talking abt the stoney clover lane x target collab
I refuse to apologize for how cutthroat I will be the day the Stoney Clover Lane x Target collab comes out.

Co-founded by sisters Kendall Glazer and Libby Glazer in 2009, the brand simplified everyday organization with their travel accessories that allowed customization to celebrate individuality.

Libby Glazer commented on choosing Target as their partner,

“Stoney Clover Lane is all about re-imagining the everyday and making it full of color and fun. There’s nothing better than a Target run and we are overjoyed that Stoney Clover Lane gets to be part of that experience this spring and inspire customers to let their personal style shine.”

Explaining their ambition to grow their brand, Kendall Glazer said,

“Our partnership with Target allows us to scale our brand and grow our community to a place we could never have imagined. We are so eager to launch this collaboration with Target, which marks our first foray into several new categories like ready-to-wear, suitcases, electronics and more.”

The limited-edition assortment includes bead kits, swim bags, slide sandals, hats, beach wear, beach towels, suitcases, and even inflatable water floaties, among a hoard of other offerings. Apart from swimwear being the obvious candidate, the beach sandals and slide sandals appear to be the most anticipated releases.

The swimwear and apparel collection offers a wide range of sizes, from XXS up to 4X. The full collection of over 300 warm-weather items is priced between $2.00 to $160.00, with a majority of them retailing for $20.00 and under.

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