"Stop lying": RHOA fans don't believe Drew's claims about an NBA star taking her out for drinks 

Drew Sidora (Image via drewsidora/Instagram)
Drew Sidora (Image via drewsidora/Instagram)
Rachel Windsor

RHOA returned for another dramatic episode on Sunday night. Titled She by Herself, this week's episode saw the women in New York for Kandi Burruss's show. Trying to keep the conversation entertaining, the ladies revealed some of their previous romances with celebrities. But one alleged romantic encounter that had fans raising questions was the one shared by Drew Sidora.

While the RHOA stars were out for dinner, Kenya Moore asked the ladies about the most famous person who had hit on them. Kandi was the first person to answer. She began by saying that her romance was no secret and revealed that she and Gerald Levert were in a relationship. She added:

"I actually have a song with him that we did together that we never released. Like, it’s just sitting on my hard drive."

Next up to open up about her romantic encounter was Drew. The RHOA star shared that she was at a restaurant in Melrose when a certain king of the NBA sent her a drink. Drew did mention his name on the show, but the audio was censored. She revealed:

"We went on a couple of dates.He flew me to his games. He would listen to my music before his games. All those games he was winning, it was off of my music! I’m just saying."

The other ladies at the table were skeptical about what Drew said. They went on to ask her if this was before the NBA star was married or after. Drew shared that this happened before he got married.

Fans who watched the episode criticized Drew, and many believed that she was lying about her romantic encounter:

Drew no doggone well Lebron didn’t holler. Stop lying #RHOA

Fans slam Drew regarding her claim on RHOA that a certain NBA star sent her drinks

Taking to Twitter, fans claimed that Drew was lying about her romantic encounter. Although the athlete's name was censored, some speculated that the certain king of the NBA she was talking about was famed star LeBron James.

Drew won’t talk about lebron because she’s married now but had no problem bragging about him when he’s been with his wife since high school #WWHL #RHOA
Kenya seeing through Drew when she talks about her relationship with Lebron #RHOA
@BMFluellen1 Lebron was with his wife since high school so how and why would he be with Drew?! Drew is pretty but not sure if he would leave his ride and die for her #RHOA
Have a seat Drew because you’re full of tall tales too😒 #RHOA
Drew first you said sayna being in the mile high club with her husband is a lie then you say prince hitting on Kenya is a lie. When you the one lying through your teeth. LeBron and Savannah were together since high school #RHOA
Drew said that lie about dating Lebron and him listening to her “music” with a smile on her face 🫤 you have to watch that type of delusions! #RHOA

Here are more details on what happened this week on RHOA

Apart from Drew's revelation about her romantic encounter, there was a lot more drama that was unveiled during this week's episode of RHOA. Drew and Sheree finally put an end to an argument that revolved around Drew's assistant Anthony. Sheree shared that Anthony claimed that Drew's husband was g*y.

When Drew asked for proof, Sheree showed the ladies a screenshot. While Drew agreed that Anthony's behavior was shady, she still didn't believe Sheree. Meanwhile, the ladies tried to sign up for Drew's weight loss site, but they weren't able to join. Kenya Moore shared that it appeared to be similar to a Ponzi scheme.

On the other hand, Sheree drove down to Philly to meet Tyronne. But he still didn't show up even after she waited on him for over half an hour. She then received news that there'd been some issues. Sheree was heartbroken and found herself confused about the state of her relationship.

She called up Kenya, and although she tried to not break down, her emotions got the better of her. Kenya requested that Sheree not call Tyronne again, and she asked her to wait it out.

RHOA airs every Sunday night at 8.00 pm ET only on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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