Swarm season 1 review: Is the latest psychological thriller series on Prime Video worth the watch?

Poster for Swarm season 1 (Image Via Amazon Studios)
Poster for Swarm season 1 (Image Via Amazon Studios)

Swarm season 1 is a highly anticipated and deeply rattling psychological thriller show that made its arrival exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, March 17.

The intensely woven series, created by Janine Nabers and Donald Glover, chronicles the hair-raising story of a young woman, Dre, who develops a deadly obsession with a fictional pop star, Ni’Jah, which leads her to some dreadful places in life.

As stated in the official synopsis for Swarm season 1, released by Prime Video:

"From Janine Nabers and Donald Glover, Swarm follows Dre (Dominique Fishback), a young woman whose obsession with a pop star takes a dark turn."

Since the series was launched on Amazon Prime Video, it has already started to receive a lot of positive responses from both critics and viewers for its ominous storyline, excellent direction, and gripping acting performance by the series' lead actor Dominique Fishback.

The long list of executive producers for Swarm season 1 includes Donald Glover, Stephen Glover, Janine Nabers, Steven Prinz, Fam Udeorji, and Michael Schaefer.

A review of Prime Video's Swarm season 1: Dominique Fishback gives a powerful performance in this brand new mind-bending thriller series

An arresting presentation of a twisted story


The entire plot of Swarm season 1 is woven in such a way that it is bound to create an ominous atmosphere throughout. While the series may be considered discomforting for some, the bold strokes that the story is painted with make it even more engaging. Depicting the concept of celebrity obsession to its highest and deadliest form, the series reaches a point of excellence with its strong writing.

Writers of the series' first season, including Donald Glover, Janine Nabers, Karen Joseph Adcock, Malia Obama, Ibra Ake, Kara Brown, Stephen Glover, and Jamal Olori, have done a phenomenal job of presenting viewers with something quite unnerving and occasionally profound.

The writing also successfully establishes a connection to the present generation and its mood, which makes it refreshing to watch as a serial killer thriller series. Thus, the movie is definitely worth the watch.

Impactful direction elevated the series


Directors of Swarm season 1, entailing Adamma Ebo, Stephen Glover, Donald Glover and Ibra Ake, have done justice to the already strong story by capturing the sequences in a striking manner that hits hard. Cinematically speaking, the series is also at a fine cutting edge state while creatively pushing the boat as far as possible.

In particular, scenes such as the one where Dre is lying beside her step-sister Marissa and having a heart-to-heart conversation or the ones where she is just lying alone in her room with a storm inside of her getting ready to burst or the one where Dre cold-bloodedly kills her lover Rashida, are highly conceived by the directors and impressively executed.

Without a shred of doubt, the engrossing direction of the movie is another big highlight of the series.

Dominique Fishback shines bright throughout the series


Dominique Fishback, who portrays the lead character of the series, Dre, is absolutely incredible to witness throughout the entire psychological thriller series. The character is vicious, immensely disturbing, and yet tragic at the same time, and the actress has marvelously portrayed all these intense layers on the screen.

The way Fishback has portrayed loneliness on screen deserves a round of applause. It is safe to say that she has taken Dre's story to another level of success. Despite her character's wretchedness and unexpected cruelty, the audience will somehow feel for her and her loss.

Other supporting actors on the cast list entail Chloe Bailey as Marissa, Damson Idris as Khalid, Heather Simms as Detective Loretta Greene, Nirine S. Brown as Ni'Jah, Billie Eilish as Eva, Kiersey Clemons as Rashida and a few others have also done justice to their characters and given the story their full support to become a hit.

Don't forget to catch Swarm season 1, currently streaming exclusively on Prime Video.

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