Swarm season 1 ending explained: Did Dre finally meet her idol Ni’Jah?

Poster for Swarm season 1 (Image Via Rotten Tomatoes)
Poster for Swarm season 1 (Image Via Rotten Tomatoes)

Swarm season 1 is a highly awaited and mindful psychological thriller series that debuted on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, March 17, 2023. The series revolves around Dre, a woman obsessed with a fictional pop icon with a vast fanbase called "The Swarm." The story delves deep into the young woman's life, her problematic obsession, and how it transforms her into someone widely dangerous.

A brief description of the series, given by Prime Video, reads:

"From Janine Nabers and Donald Glover, Swarm follows Dre (Dominique Fishback), a young woman whose obsession with a pop star takes a dark turn."

Since its premiere, the series has garnered many positive reviews from both the audience and critics due to its uncomfortably fascinating storyline, impactful performance by lead star Dominique Fishback, and an ominous ending that would leave viewers in shock.

The lead cast list for the first season of Swarm includes Dominique Fishback as Andrea "Dre" Greene, Karen Rodriguez as Marissa and Dre's friend Erica, and Chloe Bailey as Dre's sister Marissa Jackson.

Swarm season 1: A happy ending for Dre, brutal death for others

Who was Rashida, and what happened to her?


Swarm season 1 depicted the spine-chilling story of a woman named Andrea Greene, addressed as Dre by her loved ones. The story follows Dre's obsession with a pop icon named Ni'Jah, and how it turned her into a heinous serial killer. Ni'Jah's character is inspired by the real-life American pop sensation Beyoncé.

Dre's sinister killing spree began after her step-sister Marissa committed suicide. The latter was also a huge fan of Ni'Jah. This admiration for the iconic pop star was something the two step-sisters shared and what also made them feel even more connected.

The final episode of the series, titled, Only God Makes Happy Endings, began with a seemingly changed Dre who had accepted her se*ual orientation. It was June 2018 in Atlanta, and she was seen helping another girl named Rashida take her drunk roommate home. Detective Loretta Greene was onto her, and despite still being on the run from the police, Dre kept stealing in Atlanta as well.


However, it felt like Dre had genuinely changed as a person, as she did not react much to Rashida's dislike for Ni'Jah. Later, the episode showcased that Dre and Rashida had become a romantic couple, and Dre even met with Rashida's parents. Everything seemed right, but things suddenly turned upside down on the couple's first anniversary.

Dre gave away all her money to buy two highly expensive tickets for one of Ni'Jah's concerts as a gift to Rashida and herself on their anniversary. Rashida became quite irritated and upset with it as they were going through a financial crisis. Spending all the money on a concert Rashida did not want to attend highlighted Dre's irresponsibility.

Dre then revealed that she did not change that much. In a fit of temper, she brutally murdered Rashida and burned her dead body.

Was Dre able to meet pop star Ni’Jah?


In the heat of the moment, Dre forgot that the highly costly tickets to the concert were inside Rashida's pocket, and now they were burnt. However, not having a ticket did not stop her from appearing at the concert venue, where she went on to meet a man who was selling tickets illegally.

Dre killed the man to get her ticket and went inside the concert. During the concert, she even got on stage and chased after Ni'Jah. When security guards started to tackle her, Ni'Jah asked them to leave her. The pop star called her closer and asked her to sing for the crowd.

The audience witnessed Marissa's face in place of Ni'Jah's place, as the moment was displayed through Dre's perspective. At the end of season 1's final episode, Dre was seen getting escorted by Ni'Jah to her car as the two left the venue together, leaving viewers in complete astonishment.

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