Swimming With Sharks remake: Where to watch, release date, cast ,and all you need to know about Diane Kruger's series

The Roku Channel's official poster for Swimming With Sharks (Image via Roku)
The Roku Channel's official poster for Swimming With Sharks (Image via Roku)

The Roku Channel is all set to dive into the dangerous waters of Hollywood with its all-new series Swimming With Sharks.

Directed by Tucker Gates and written by Kathleen Robertson, the upcoming series deals with metaphorical sharks and attempts to reveal the dark side of Hollywood executives and studios. The plot revolves around an intern and her newfound obsession with a studio head, which leads her down a dangerous path.

Here's everything viewers need to know about the series debuting on April 15.

When and where is Swimming With Sharks expected to air?

Swimming With Sharks will premiere on the Roku Channel from April 15. The series, a TV rendition of the 1994 film of the same name, stars Kathleen Robertson, Donald Sutherland, Thomas Dekker, Finn Jones, Diane Kruger, Kiernan Shipka, Ross Butler, Erika Alexander, and Gerardo Celasco.

The synopsis of the series reads:

"When Lou (Kiernan Shipka) starts her internship for Joyce, she seems like a naïve Hollywood newcomer. In truth, Lou has been obsessed with Joyce (Diane Kruger) for a long time and will do anything to get close to her… even kill."

It also stars Ryan O'Nan, Danielia Maximillian, Miguel Nájera, Camille Montgomery, Minita Gandhi, Ruby June Arnold, Andrea LeBlanc, Vince DeCosta, and Emmett Ferguson.

What is the film about?

Besides being a series adaptation of George Huang's 1994 dark comedy, Swimming With Sharks explores the themes that critique Hollywood, power, and scandal. The plot revolves around the new intern, Lou, at Fountain Pictures who meets studio head Joyce and is struck by her demeanor.

This newfound interest then turns into an obsession when she goes to great lengths to get closer to Joyce and the power she represents. This leads Lou down a path full of secrets, scandal, violence, and danger as she uncovers the darker side of Hollywood.

Trailer for the Roku series dropped last month


The official trailer for Swimming With Sharks dropped last month and highlighted the tension in the series. In the clip, the protagonist, Lou, is seen being introduced into the workplace as an intern. The clip depicts a The Devil Wears Prada-esque environment when the interns are told:

"What you think means nothing, what you feel means nothing. You are an intern."

The trailer then progresses with scenes of infidelity, interpersonal turmoil, and violence, exposing what really goes on in Hollywood behind big glass doors and buildings. It promises to explore the violence and scandal of the glitz and glamor of Hollywood with a dark narrative.

It is produced by Lionsgate Television with Chris Cowles, Liz Destro, Stephen Israel, Jay Cohen, and Dana Brunetti serving as executive producers.

Stream Swimming With Sharks on the Roku Channel from April 15.

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