“Teddy is Jennifer Holliday”: The Masked Singer fans guess the celebrity behind Miss Teddy’s costume

Team Cuddly's Miss Teddy from The Masked Singer (Image via maskedsingerfox/Instagram)
Team Cuddly's Miss Teddy from The Masked Singer (Image via maskedsingerfox/Instagram)

The latest episode of The Masked Singer Season 7 aired on April 13 on FOX. The first performance starred fan-favorite Miss Teddy from Team Cuddly.

The reality series divides singers into three groups — Team Cuddly, Team Good, and Team Bad. Their identities are only revealed when they are eliminated. Until then, fans and judges can guess who they think is the celebrity behind the costume.

In the previous episode, Hydra (magician duo Penn and Teller) from Team Bad was eliminated. This time, Miss Teddy was up against Team Good’s Armadillo and Ringmaster in the elimination round.

Who do fans think Miss Teddy is?

Miss Teddy was the first performer of the night. She sang Mercy by Duffy, leaving the panel of judges impressed. The panel included guest judge and The Masked Singer alum Leslie Jordan. He guessed Miss Teddy to be Mavis Staples, while other judges' answers were Gloria Gaynor and Jennifer Holliday.

Viewers also gave their opinions on social media. From Yolanda Adams and Patti LaBelle to Shirley Caesar, many fans shared their guesses about Miss Teddy's identity online. However, most of them think she is an American actress and singer, Jennifer Holliday.

Teddy is Jennifer Holliday. I don’t think it, I know it. And the hosts should too. #themaskedsinger
I don't want Gloria Gainor aka Miss Teddy to go home. #TheMaskedSinger
#themaskedsingerMiss Teddy has got to be Jennifer Holiday!🤷🏽‍♀️
Jennifer Holiday is definitely Miss Teddy. I knew that voice 5 seconds in. #themaskedsinger
Armadillo: Dog the Bounty Hunter Miss Teddy: Jennifer HollidayRingmaster: Hayley Orrantia#TheMaskedSinger
Miss Teddy is Ms. Sheryl Lee Ralph❤ #TheMaskedSinger
I think I agree that Miss Teddy is Jennifer Holliday. The clues seem to fit. (Eddie Murphy plus the 3 Supreme Court judges made me think Dreamgirls.) No idea who Armadillo is. #themaskedsinger
They think Miss Teddy is Yolanda Adams! Also lol so Yolanda said Ken's no Eddie Murphy! Don't really believe it, but could be true! #themaskedsinger
I think Teddy is Patti LaBelle #THEMASKEDSINGER
Armadillo is Dog the Bounty Hunter and the Teddy Bear is Jennifer Holliday #Themaskedsinger

Miss Teddy clues on The Masked Singer

Miss Teddy’s introduction revealed that she had to audition once in her life at the beginning of her career. Since then, she has performed and won Grammys for a decade.

It was also revealed that she felt she was not a good singer once in her career, but the love from fans boosted her confidence.

The remaining clues that were shared with fans on social media included pictures of Santa Claus, two men wearing white robes having a pillow fight, a laughing emoji, and the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

One-liner hints included:

1) When you’re constantly reinventing yourself, you need all the Z’s you can catch.

2) Forget waking up on the bad side of the bed or even the good side.

3) Lay your head down in December, next thing you know, it’s May!

4) Mega Clue: Winning a Grammy was one of the greatest moments of my career.

Miss Teddy started out as a gospel singer and was part of three supremes. While the clues hinted at a lot of celebrities, most of them guessed Jennifer Holliday.

Meanwhile, The Masked Singer airs new episodes every Wednesday on FOX at 8.00 pm Eastern Time. For those unaware of the concept of the show, the official synopsis explains it the best.

The Masked Singer’s synopsis reads:

"A top-secret singing competition in which celebrities face off against each other and appear in elaborate costumes with full-face masks to conceal their identities.”

The panel of judges includes Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, and Nicole Scherzinger. The Masked Singer Episode 6 guest judge was Leslie Jordan.

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