“Terrible twist”: Love Island fans react to Ruchee Gurung and Jess Harding’s “stepping forward” moment in episode 1

Ruchee Gurung and Jess Harding from Love Island
Ruchee Gurung and Jess Harding from Love Island (Image via rucheewawo, jesshardingox/Instagram)

Love Island season 10 aired episode 1 on Monday and it ended with a twist. Two contestants stepped forward when asked whether they were unhappy with the pairings. Ruchee Gurung and Jess Harding were the islanders who took one step forward. According to public vote results, the former was paired up with Mehdi Edno, and Jess was coupled up with George Fensom.

Love Island fans shared a lot of opinions on the show’s twist, including that it was “terrible.”

The ITV dating show welcomed 10 islanders into the villa. For the first time in history, the contestants didn’t pick their partners but the public did. They voted for which contestant should couple up with who.

Fans claimed that Ruchee and Jess didn’t take long before stepping forward

Love Island’s Ruchee Gurung and Jess Harding were the first contestants to enter the villa in the premiere episode. They soon became friends and were seen together throughout the episode. They didn’t seem too excited when got paired up with their partners chosen by the public.

Towards the end, host Maya Jama asked the girls:

“If you’re not sure you’re with the right person, I dare you to step forward now.”

Jess and Ruchee took a step forward, leaving others in shock. While many fans mentioned that it was a “boring” twist, some claimed that the two ladies didn’t take long to make a decision.

Take a look at how fans reacted to the “stepping forward” moment in Love Island UK season 10 episode 1:

In the next episode, Mehdi and George might confront Ruchee and Jess, respectively, about their decision.

The dare was given before the producers sent the first bombshell, Zachariah Noble, of the season into the villa. He will now get the chance to pick one of the girls.

Meet the first 5 couples of Love Island season 10

In episode 1 of Love Island season 10 (summer edition), 10 islanders entered the villa. In most of the previous seasons, the contestants get the chance to pick their own partners. But, this time, the power went to the public.

They voted and did the pairings. Hence, season 10’s first five couples were:

  • Catherine Agbaje and André Furtado
  • Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde
  • Jess Harding and George Fensom
  • Molly Marsh and Mitchel Taylor
  • Ruchee Gurung and Mehdi Edno

Once the couples were announced, the episode further showed them playing a steamy game. The competition broke the ice between the pairs. However, two ladies didn’t think they got the perfect match. Ruchee and Jess made the decision to step forward when asked whether they were unhappy with the couplings.

Apart from the two and their respective partners, the remaining three couples were seen trying to know each other. While Ella Thomas and Tyrique took some time to make a connection, Molly and Mitchell were happy with their pairing from the start.


According to the show’s format, new bombshells or contestants will enter the villa every week. Either they will pick someone or the OG islanders will get a chance to choose the newcomers and leave their current partners. The process, which will also include eliminations each week, will continue until they find their perfect match. In the previous season, Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan were the winners.

Meanwhile, Love Island alum Maya Jama is hosting the season and will return with more twists and turns in the next episode.

Season 10 will air new episodes from Sunday through Friday at 9.00 pm BST/4.00 pm ET on ITV2 and ITVX.

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