Where are Kai and Sanam now? Love Island 2023 winners' post-show life explored

Kai and Sanam got fake engaged on a radio show (Image via Shutterstock)
Kai and Sanam got fake engaged on a radio show (Image via Shutterstock)

Love Island UK season 9 winners Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan walked away with a prize money of £50,000 on March 13, 2023. The couple revealed at the time that they would use some of the money to travel, but will also spend it “sensibly” on important things. In a recent interview, the pair announced that they are officially “boyfriend and girlfriend” now.

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan did not expect to win the show and were just happy to have met on the Love Island UK set. Sanam is currently planning a vacation to Manchester, where Kai lives.

After this, Kai will visit her in Bedford and the pair will eventually spend some time together in London. Sanam is also excited to meet Kai’s sister soon and get to know his family. Kai is willing to move to Bedford for the “right girl” aka Sanam.

Sanam, who used to work as a social worker, might not return to her old job but will use her platform to help children. Kai will not leave his job as a teacher but has formed a new management team to make a positive difference using his newfound fame.

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan say winning Love Island UK season 9 was just a cherry on top

In an interview with The Tab, Kai and Sanam revealed that they are in “a bit of shock” to have won Love Island 2023. They did not expect to be in the final and positions did not matter to them after meeting each other. Kai said:

"We knew that we had met each other and were buzzing and happy and just looking forward to our time together next. To come away and win it, is just the cherry on top. We are both just absolutely buzzing and shocked."

Sanam created history on Love Island UK season 9 by becoming the first outsider to have won the show. She joined the cast as a Casa Amor bombshell on Day 29, describing herself as a "flirtatious, bantery person," and asked out Kai for a one-on-one date on Day 36, who was already linked to Olivia Hawkins.

They were announced as the winners of the show on Day 58, which Sanam called unbelievable.

She also confessed:

When I got into Casa I didn’t think I would make it to the main villa. Then I got into the main villa and didn’t think I would make it any further."

Sanam also advised others not to lose hope and not to let their fears get in the way of things.

Speaking of their vacation, Kai said:

"I feel like we are going to be very busy together, it’s going to be non-stop and we are excited for it!"

Sanam is working towards moving in with Kai, who is ready to shift anywhere for his “right girl.”

Sanam accidentally said the L-word to Kai during the Love Island finale but she revealed later on that she was filled with “emotions and everything just wanted to come out all at once.” She also said that it will now only come out during some “amazing dates” with Kai.

The couple got fake-engaged on March 20, 2023, on BBC Asian Network radio to celebrate National Proposal Day.

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