"That body of yours is absurd": Hilarious Adam Levine DM memes take over internet as singer's leaked texts get trolled

Adam Levine
Adam Levine's leaked messages cause a frenzy online (Image via Getty Images)

As Adam Levine continues to get crucified by the internet, his leaked messages have now found their way online. Earlier this week, the Maroon 5 singer was accused of sending flirtatious messages to Instagram model Sumner Stroh. The latter has since released a series of messages sent by the father-of-two.

The model took to TikTok on Monday, September 19, revealing that Adam Levine was texting her for roughly a year before they lost contact "over a period of time." She went on to share a series of messages sent by the singer, who is married to Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo. One of them read:

“You are 50 times hotter in person. And so am I hahahah.”

Stroh leaked another screenshot of their conversation. In one message, the 43-year-old singer wrote:

“That body of yours is absurd.”
Adam Levine is finna be going through it bucko. Holy smokes this woman spilled all the beans. That naming the kid part is effing SICK. Yikes.

Unsurprisingly, Levine earned a lot of criticism from internet users. While many condemned his actions, some took the humorous route and relentlessly trolled the singer with a barrage of memes.

when you get a DM from Adam Levine

Netizens react to Adam Levine’s messages to Sumner Stroh

Memes of Adam Levine complimenting the physique of unexpected characters and things soon found their way online. The phrase “that body of yours is absurd” was also quick to trend on Twitter.

Check out some of the hilarious memes below:

When Adam Levine sends "that body of yours is absurd"
@faithwithanf “That body of yours is absurd”
@Dom_2k That body of yours is absurd
that body of yours is absurd
that body of yours is absurd
Literally no one: Adam Levine in divorce court while they read all his dms:
the adam levine DMs rock because he's a 43 year old man and all his texts sound like this
No one:Adam Levine in literally any 20 year old girls DM's:
After reading these Adam Levine dms I think the biggest takeaway we can have is that he definitely doesn’t write his own lyrics
Adam Levine dms like a bar owner in his mid 40s going through a mid life crisis hitting on an underage girl
That body of yours is absurd.

Adam Levine responds to cheating accusations

Within a day of Sumner Stroh accusing the Maps singer of infidelity, Levine took to Instagram to address the same. In an Instagram story, the musician acknowledged that he "crossed the line" while texting anyone "other than my wife." However, Levine stressed that he "did not have an affair."

He added:

“My wife and my family is all I care about in this world. To be this naïve and stupid enough to risk the only thing that truly matters to me was the greatest mistake I could ever make. I will never make it again. I take full responsibility. We will get through it. And we will get through it together.”

Behati Prinsloo, who is currently pregnant, did not release her own statement. Sources close to her told E! News that she was “upset but she does believe there was no physical affair.”


After Sumner Stroh came forward with the allegations, four other women accused Levine of texting them on Instagram. Alanna Zabel, a yoga teacher, accused Levine of sending her inappropriate messages.

Maryka, a comedian, came forward claiming that Levine texted her and said that he was “obsessed” with her.

Another TikTok user, who requested anonymity, also came forward and revealed that Levine texted her:

“I shouldn’t be talking to you you know (that) right?”

Ashley Russell, a 21 year old Alabama college student, also came forward sharing leaked messages of the singer complimenting her physique.

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