Adam Levine cheating scandal: Two more women come forward with flirty messages allegedly sent by Maroon 5 singer 

Adam Levine (Image via Getty Images)
Adam Levine (Image via Getty Images)

Two women have come forward accusing Adam Levine of sending them flirty messages. The women recently posted screenshots of their alleged conversation with the Maroon 5 singer. The messages in those screenshots were sent from Adam Levine's official Instagram ID.

The new accusations come hot on the heels of Sumner Stroh's TikTok video from Monday, September 19, where the Instagram model revealed that she and Levine had been in a year-long relationship, despite the latter being married.

Soon after Stroh's video went viral, comedian Maryka posted an undated screenshot from her alleged conversation with Levine. In it, a DM from the Payphone singer reads:

"Distract yourself by f**king with me."

Meanwhile, another woman, who requested anonymity, uploaded a screenshot (now deleted) of DMs claiming it to be from Adam Levine. The singer seemed to be complaining about his family in one of those DMs. The text read:

"Damn born and raised me too! We are a rare breed indeed. I have two kids now I am over it I want out it sucks now." (sic)
Shots from the TikTok video (Face and TikTok handle blurred upon request for anonymity) (Image via Sportskeeda)
Shots from the TikTok video (Face and TikTok handle blurred upon request for anonymity) (Image via Sportskeeda)

However, the context of their conversation is not clear in the video.

The woman posted another screenshot, indicating that it came from the singer. One of the texts from Adam said:

"I shouldn't be talking to you you know right?" (sic)

Details about the alleged text messages exchanged between Adam Levine and the two ladies


On Tuesday, September 20, Maryka posted an image of her alleged conversation with Adam Levine on Instagram with the caption "#ExposeAdamLevine."

While the texts exchanged between the two parties were initially flirty, they quickly turned NSFW. She did not post more screenshots of their conversation but shared them with a tea channel on TikTok called, @igfamousbydana.

The screenshots uploaded by @igfamousbydana, showed the two parties taking part in a steamy conversation where the singer was seen complimenting the model on her "hourglass" figure.

The context of their conversation is unclear, but the time stamp on the DMs indicates that they are from July this year.

In the screenshots, Maryka has received texts reading:

"I'm now obsessed with you."

When Markya replied by saying, "Dude aren't you like married lol," the Girls Like You singer said, "It's a bit complicated."

Their conversation continued, leading to the singer complimenting Markya's body. At one point, he even said, "That body of yours is absurd."

Their conversation continued with the artist claiming:

"I'd do anything for it."

He further added:

"I'd buy it a steak dinner and whisper sweet nothings into it."

Another screenshot showed the two talking about horoscopes when Adam Levine mentioned his wife's pregnancy. He said:

"I'm having another baby. Wifey pregnant! And I'm having a BOY. And naming him Zea."


Shots from the TikTok video (Face and TikTok handle blurred upon request for anonymity) (Image via Sportskeeda)
Shots from the TikTok video (Face and TikTok handle blurred upon request for anonymity) (Image via Sportskeeda)

The second person levying similar accusations against Adam Levine is a TikTok user who has requested anonymity.

In screenshots shared by her, the two seem to indulge in a casual conversation, but she claims that their conversation did become inappropriate. She added that she refrained from sharing it publicly because she is not "comfortable posting everything."

The woman claimed that she has a boyfriend and was not comfortable stirring up drama, but urged other women with similar experiences to come forward with their stories. She shared her regrets over the incident.

The TikToker also shared more info about their alleged connection in the comments section of her post, which has now been deleted.

She claimed that she knew Adam Levine's tattoo artist and felt comfortable exchanging texts with him. She revealed that initially they would only talk about tattoos, but then the singer started to "cross the line," calling her "hot" and asking for her photos.

Sumner Stroh's accusations against Levine explored

Both women came out after 23-year-old social media influencer Sumner Stroh accused the singer of having an affair with her in a TikTok video she posted on Monday, September 19.

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine responds to allegations of cheating on Behati Prinsloo with Sumner Stroh – “I did not have an affair, nevertheless, I crossed the line”

Adam Levine addressed the accusation, claiming that the two only took part in flirty conversations and never had an affair. He said that he and his family were already working on rectifying the problem. While Sumner did not reply directly to Adam Levine, she uploaded an Instagram story with the caption:

"Someone get this man a dictionary."

In Monday's video, Stroh claimed that she was "manipulated" into having an affair with the singer. She said that she was under the impression that Adam and his wife, Behati, had separated. She also claimed that the singer wanted to name his third child after her.

Adam and Behati confirmed their third pregnancy earlier this month.

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