What to expect from 'The Bachelor' Episode 6? Release date, synopsis, trailer, and more

Clayton Echard from The Bachelor Season 26 (Image via bachelorabc/Instagram)
Clayton Echard from The Bachelor Season 26 (Image via bachelorabc/Instagram)
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ABC is bringing yet another brand new episode of The Bachelor Season 26 this Monday. The count of Clayton Echard’s suitresses has gone down with each episode and will further decrease in the upcoming installment.

Viewers can expect the bar in terms of drama to increase in The Bachelor Episode 6. Echard would have to make multiple tough decisions.

The new episode is all set to air on Valentine’s Day, i.e., February 14 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (ET) on ABC. It can also be streamed on Hulu. Those who don’t have the channel can go for several streaming services as well.

Shanae Ankney or Genevieve Parisi: Who will leave The Bachelor?

Episode 6 will begin from where the previous episode ended. Shanae Ankney and Genevieve Parisi are on a 2-on-1 date with Echard, meaning only one of the ladies will return with the bachelor.

In the previous episode, Ankney was confident of winning the “game,” as she likes to call it. She has sent several women home by manipulating Echard, and in Episode 6, she will try to do the same. Will she succeed? Only time will tell.

A preview clip of their date featured Echard questioning Parisi’s loyalty toward him, which upset the suitress.

What does Mara accuse Echard of?

The Bachelor’s lead will not only have to deal with the “Shanae drama,” but also with Mara Agrait. The latter can be seen accusing Echard of not going for a mature woman.

In the promo video, the 32-year-old said:

“You know, I’ve been nothing but honest with you. I’ve been vulnerable. I’ve sweet, cute, flirty. I’ve done literally everything that you say that you’re looking for. And I’m getting nothing in return. You’ve been adamant about saying that you’re looking for a wife, and looking for children and long term. But... women that you’re directing your attention to don’t reflect that.”

Later in the clip, the duo discuss Sarah Hamrick, who is the youngest on the show and may not be ready for marriage. In another video, Echard asks host Jesse Palmer’s advice, and the latter shares his experience.

The trailer for The Bachelor Episode 6 showed Echard meeting Hamrick for the talk and the latter leaving in tears after their conversation. Apart from the drama, the episode will also include a group date in Hvar, Croatia.

The official synopsis reads:

“The rest of the ladies channel their inner gladiators during the group date as they battle each other in knightly challenges for a chance at a rose.”

The upcoming episode will feature 12 women, including Hunter Haag, Shanae Ankney, Susie Evans, Eliza Isichei, Genevieve Parisi, Gabby Windey, Sarah Hamrick, Serene Russell, Marlena Wesh, Rachel Recchia, Teddi Wright, and Mara Agrait.

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