The Bachelorette season 20 episode 6: Release date, air time and plot

The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette episode 6 airing on July 31 (Image via @bacheloretteabc/Instagram)

As The Bachelorette season 20 is reaching its halfway point, viewers are being taken on a roller-coaster ride of emotions as they follow Charity Lawson's quest to find true love. Throughout her journey, Charity has experienced heartbreak, moments of doubt, and unexpected connections, making this season one of the most captivating yet.

With episode 6 approaching, fans can expect some change in romances as Charity makes hometown visits of her potential partners.

The official synopsis of the upcoming installment of The Bachelorette season 20 reads:

"It’s hometowns’ week! The stakes are higher than ever as Charity travels across the country to meet the families of her remaining men. With only three roses to hand out, she’s hopeful the visits will offer clarity, but will it be confusion instead?"

The Bachelorette season 20 episode 6 is all set to premiere on Monday, July 31, at 8 pm ET on ABC.

What to expect from The Bachelorette season 20 episode 6

In the previous episode of The Bachelorette season 20, fans were treated to a heartfelt yet heartbreaking moment as Charity bid farewell to one of the frontrunners, Brayden Bowers. Thier emotional and mutual breakup marked a pivotal moment in the season, as it was a heartbreaking reminder that not all connections can stand the test of time and circumstances.

With the emotional departure, Charity has narrowed down her group of ten suitors to just six, continuing her search for the man of her dreams.

In the pursuit of love, Charity and the remaining men will go to Stevenson in Skamania County, Washington. Host Jesse Palmer described the area as a place famous for its enchanting rivers, lush forests, and refreshing mountain air. This picturesque location is set to provide the perfect backdrop for romantic moments and deep conversations between The Bachelorette suitors and Charity.

As The Bachelorette season 20 progresses, fans can anticipate even more stirring drama and heated-up feuds in the latest installment. Charity will delve deeper into her relationships with the remaining suitors, some of whom have already formed strong connections, while others are still vying for her attention.

The suitors still in the running are Aaron Bryant, Caleb Balgaard, Dotun Olubeko, Joey Graziadei, John Buresh, Michael Barbour, Sean McLaughlin, Tanner Courtad, and Xavier Bonner.

As the show approaches its finale, Charity is going to take the important step of meeting the families of her potential partners. On social media, ABC has given a sneak peek into what's next to come.

In one of the clips, she is seen visiting Dotun's family and although his parents are not present, Charity gets to meet Dotun's siblings. However, the absence of the parents has made Charity remark:

"I am disappointed Dotun's parents aren't been able to join us today. I think meeting the parents is like one of the biggest pieces of all of this. It might affect our relationship moving forward."

In another clip, Charity is also seen visiting Aaron's hometown where she gets to meet his mother. However, his mother had some questions to her son's potential future partner. She posed questions about what Charity likes about her son and whether she will marry him if hypothetically Aaron proposed on that very same day or not.

Tune in to catch what happens next on The Bachelorette season 20 episode 6 airing on July 31, at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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