The Boys Season 4 welcomes Firecracker and Sister Sage: Everything to know about the new Supes

Firecracker (L) and Sister Sage (R) are the new Supes this season (Image via Amazon Studios)
Firecracker (L) and Sister Sage (R) are the new Supes this season (Image via Amazon Studios)

The Boys Season 4 just dropped its first trailer and it's about to shake up the superhero scene big time. Fans are going crazy over the unexpected comeback of Black Noir, a character they all thought was gone forever. The trailer also introduces viewers to two new Supes, Firecracker and Sister Sage. Valorie Curry is in her element as Firecracker, adding some mysterious fire powers to the mix.

This series is also set to take a whole new direction from the comics, ramping up the excitement even more with these unpredictable new characters.

As the countdown to 2024 on Amazon Prime Video begins, viewers are getting ready for an exciting journey into the chaotic world of The Boys.

Who is Firecracker in The Boys Season 4?

Valorie Curry nails it as Firecracker in The Boys Season 4, adding a whole lot of excitement to the Supe world. While all the details about her superpowers are not known yet, her fiery name suggests that she has got some serious pyrokinesis going on. A twist in the comic book story, she brings in an element of surprise, making fans super excited to see what kind of chaos she'll introduce to the series.

Turns out, her origin story goes way back to her folks striking a wild deal with Vought, which ended up giving her those powers, thanks to Compound V.

This decision threw her into the Supes' world, giving her superpowers and skills. Armed with a Glock-17 and her impeccable gun-handling style, Firecracker stands out among the Supes. But, there's a bit of a twist - she's extra sensitive to certain frequencies, which makes things a bit more complicated.

Who is Sister Sage in The Boys Season 4?

Susan Heyward is the actress who portrays Sister Sage (Image via Amazon Studios)
Susan Heyward is the actress who portrays Sister Sage (Image via Amazon Studios)

Susan Heyward plays Sister Sage in The Boys Season 4, bringing a mysterious vibe to the Supe crew. As a seasoned superhero and member of The Seven, Sister Sage is sure to blow viewers away with her skills.

Sister Sage is totally unlike the characters in comic books. She brings a whole new vibe to the story with her unique perspective and unpredictable twists. She got injected with Vought's special Compound V when she was just a baby, so now she's got powers like super hearing.

The character's weaknesses, like being sensitive to high-pitched sounds, make it seem like she might encounter difficulties from time to time.

What to expect from The Boys Season 4?


The Boys Season 4 promises to be a rollercoaster ride in a world hanging by a thread. As Victoria Neuman gets closer to becoming president and falls under Homelander's control, things are about to get even crazier.

Butcher, who got kicked out of his leadership position in The Boys, is dealing with a harsh reality - he's only got a few months left to live. The main crew is coming back, and this time they've got Hughie's folks and two new Supes who are full of mystery. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also reportedly set to join the cast in an yet-undisclosed role.

Season 4 takes a deep dive into what happens after the Gen V virus and the presidential campaign with Neuman.

The Boys Season 4 is set to drop on Amazon Prime Video in 2024.

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