The Chase season 3 episode 14 release date, time, and plot

Meet the contestants of The Chase season 3
Meet the contestants of The Chase season 3 (Image via ABC/@Bonnie Osborne)

The Chase season 3 is set to return with another episode this week. In the upcoming episode, The Queen returns as the featured Chaser and will go up against three contestants as they try to win big. The synopsis of the upcoming episode reads:

"Victoria “The Queen” Groce holds court as the featured Chaser and goes toe-to-toe with a drama teacher, a substitute teacher and a tour guide. Sara Haines (ABC’s “The View”) hosts."

The Chase season 3 episode 14 is set to air on Thursday, February 2, at 10 pm ET on ABC.

What to expect from the upcoming episode of The Chase season 3?

The upcoming episode of The Chase season 3, titled I Know a Guy, Who Knows a Guy, Who Plays a Bagpipe, will see the return of The Queen as three more contestants go up against her in a game of trivia.

A drama teacher, a substitute teacher, and a tour guide will begin by answering questions asked by the host, Sara Heines. After earning their share, they will then go up against Victoria The Queen Groce, in an attempt to win more money.

Each player will go up against Victoria as the Chaser offers them a lower as well as a higher offer in the upcoming episode. In the final round, the contestants get a head start and have to answer 20 questions as they go up against the featured Chaser.

In a promo uploaded to ABC, one of the questions that will be asked to one of the contestants as they go against the trivia legend, is revealed:

"Here’s something you might have trouble putting your finger on: Which of these instruments has the most tone holes?"

The options for this question in the upcoming episode of The Chase include bagpipes, concert flutes, and tenor saxophone. The Chaser and the contestant Jennie lock in their answers with a difference of seconds.

In the preview clip, Sara is also seen asking the contestant if she plays an instrument. The contender says no but adds that she knows a lot of cops and is acquainted with a guy who trains the bagpipe trainer in NYPD.

In another promo uploaded to social media, the host asks the same contestant what she would do with the grand prize. The Chase contestant said that her “big birthday” happened during Covid and that she’s turned “golden," so she needs to have a big party. Sara also said:

"Five-Oh? You make it look so good."

Meet Victoria Groce

The winner of two Geek Bowls has been a recurring name on this season of ABC’s trivia game show. In a recent interview with Geeks Who Drink, she shared that representatives of the show approached her after being recommended by a few people. Groce revealed that her audition consisted of verbal tests, and she had to try and replicate game conditions, adding:

"I knew that people were putting my name into consideration, but I assumed that they were going to go with somebody who had a public profile, somebody who had done TV, or somebody who people knew. But it was extremely flattering, and extremely validating, because I love this community and love being part of it."

Victoria Groce is set to return for another episode of season 3 on Thursday, February 2, at 10 pm ET on ABC.

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