The CW show renewals: Which 7 shows will return for another season?

Nancy Drew, one of the shows that got renewed (Image via CW)
Nancy Drew, one of the shows that got renewed (Image via CW)

With spring nearly here, The CW has finally handed the renewal schedule to many of its scripted shows, including the likes of The Flash and Riverdale. A total of seven shows were handed a renewal, which is a tone down from previous years. This is also the first time the channel has waited until spring to hand out its first series of renewals.

The CW generally finalizes their scripted renewals by February, and sometimes as early as January. This year's delay and drop in the number of renewed shows can be explained by WarnerMedia and Paramount's decision to sell the network, with local-TV behemoth Nexstar being the next potential owner.

If the deal goes through, the new owners will have some say in the renewals of the shows, which also puts many of the shows in jeopardy. However, the channel has renewed some of its most popular shows for another season. Here is a list of the seven shows that are coming back to the channel.

The CW shows that have been renewed for another season

1) The Flash (Season 9)

The trademark series of the channel, The Flash, has overtaken Arrow, becoming the longest-running show in the Arrow-verse. There have been rumors of a ninth season since Grant Gustin was spotted renewing his contract for the titular character. The Flash is also the most successful series of the network.

2) Riverdale (Season 7)

Just like The Flash, Riverdale was also in talks for a new season. However, given the change of ownership, it is not clear if this will be the final season of the show, given that the ratings have dropped from previous years.

3) Walker (Season 3)

After a fascinating second season, it was no surprise that the Western series will return for a third season. Given its early stage and rising ratings, the show looks like it has a future on the channel.

4) Superman & Lois (Season 3)

The CW is known for its teen-centric content and Superman & Lois is an absolute winner in that sense. Given the great reception of the first two seasons, the show will return for a third season and possibly for more in the future.

5) Kung Fu (Season 3)

Kung Fu just recently began with its second season but has already been renewed for another one. This is due to the great initial reception and a rising viewership of the martial-arts-based series.

6) All American (Season 5)

All American was also in talks for a new season. Though the future of the show is uncertain after the takeover by new owners, for now, the show is getting at least another season.

7) Nancy Drew (Season 4)

Nancy Drew was not one of the shows that was sure to be renewed, given its mixed reception. But it seems that The CW has decided to move forward with at least another season of the show before deciding on the future of this Tom Swift spinoff.

Many shows are hanging with no talk of renewals yet. Perhaps The CW will deliver a verdict on the remaining shows depending on the new deal.

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