The Dropout Episode 6 review: End of the road for Elizabeth Holmes?

Amanda Seyfried in The Dropout (Image via Hulu)
Amanda Seyfried in The Dropout (Image via Hulu)

After an intriguing first five episodes, the latest Hulu series, The Dropout, is back with another exciting episode, this time closer to the downfall of Theranos than ever before. The Dropout has evolved tremendously since the first two episodes, and Episode 6 has an air of urgency that has not been seen before in the series.

The show's latest episode aired on March 24, 2022, and is titled Iron Sisters. It focuses on the aftermath of Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) and Sunny Balwani's (Naveen Andrews) fraudulent attempts at faking test results to cover up their failures. As Richard Fuisz (William H. Macy) gets to know this, Episode 6 continues to create more routes for the company's downfall.

Read on for a detailed review of The Dropout Episode 6.

The Dropout Episode 6 review: Truth cannot hide forever

From the very beginning of the sixth episode, there was a sense of urgency. This well-crafted scripting results in viewers anticipating something big coming, in this case, the downfall of Theranos. It was well established in the first ten minutes how Elizabeth is purely pushing her luck by now trying to film a commercial for Theranos to boost its image.

The company and CEO, who are on the verge of complete destruction, won't stop pushing in a bid to hold on to their dreams. Elizabeth's constant corruption is one of the key things in the series, and this episode sees a supplementary development in the process.

Seyfried is brilliant in her portrayal, from her sly nature to her misinterpreted moral high ground. Episode 6 belongs to her just like the previous three did.

What makes this episode of The Dropout even more interesting is the presence of two new hires. Elizabeth's fraudulent methods are no secret to the employees inside the company, and hence, many employees abandon ship. The new ones brought in to replace them are younger and more intelligent.

Though these are advantages on paper, the younger generation's moral compass is stronger, and seeing their hero perform deeds of malpractice makes them completely averse. Tyler Shultz (Dylan Minnette) and Erika Cheung (Camryn Mi-Young), the recruits, may be the final nail in the coffin of Theranos.

The two youngsters are established as the key to Holmes' downfall after contacting journalist John Carreyrou (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), who was suffering from a lack of evidence until then. Before the recruits step up, the episode beautifully showcases how difficult it is to go against the wealthy and the powerful, even with concrete proof of malpractice.

By the end, it is clear that it will not be long before the giants come crashing down in spectacular fashion.

The technical aspects of The Dropout

This week's episode is just as technically sound as the last. What takes the spotlight is the script. The pacing is so good that you may feel the events coming before they really do. The sense of urgency is everywhere around the episode, almost like a storm coming.

Seyfried's depiction gets better and better with each passing episode, and her supporting crew does a great job at holding on to the well-worked script. The two youngsters, Minnette and Mi-Young, also stand out from their very first appearance. Their scenes are facilitated by exceptionally well-designed sound.

Other technical aspects are just as good as they should be in a TV series of this caliber. The camera angles are well-worked, the direction is good, and the production design has been top-notch since the very beginning.

The next episode of the show is going to be big. It releases on March 31, 2022.

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